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Features: October '09

Animal tower wall sticker from Lover's Lounge

by Alexandra Thomas on October 31, 2009  |  0 comments
wall sticker

Give your little ones a room to be proud of with this super cute wall sticker. £55.95

We know little ones can be demanding, wanting this toy and that and the latest everything. They’d probably quite like their rooms to resemble Disney World as well, but if you want something a little more stylish, then we’ve got the perfect solution.

Lover's Lounge have a great range of wall stickers on offer which make the perfect alternative to using wallpaper and will brighten up a little ones boudoir in seconds (ok, well maybe half an hour...)

Our favourite is this Animal Tower design which is available in red, green or blue and also features a handy height chart as part of its design.

We love it and we’re pretty sure you will too.

Industrial 9-drawer unit from Pedlars

by Alexandra Thomas on October 30, 2009  |  0 comments
chests of drawer

Keep your stuff in check with these stylish drawers. £995

I don’t know about you but the rate at which I accumulate stuff (I need it all of course) is frankly alarming.

Ok, I admit it I’m a hoarder, why else would I have back issues of magazines from 2003 and my birthday cards from my 25th birthday (not letting you know how old I am but let’s just say it was a while ago...) not to mention a ridiculous amount of jewellery and stuff I keep “just in case”. So, I definitely need this piece of furniture in my life.

This Industrial 9-drawer unit from Pedlars is a good sturdy option for stashing all your belongings in and I love the colourful drawers which break up the industrial feel of the metal. The only problem is that with all my clutter, I fear I’m going to need more than one.

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Pantone® chairs from The Holding Company

by Alexandra Thomas on October 29, 2009  |  0 comments

Add some colour with these bright chairs. £54

Walk into most interiors shops or click on most homes websites and we guarantee you’ll see a veritable feast of Pantone products in front of you. Tea towels, mugs, placemats, cards and even laptop bags have all been given the Pantone treatment.

Far from being “over” this trend however, we love seeing products we can use in the home in their beautiful shades.

However, we hadn’t seen these before which is why we thought we'd show them off.


These folding chairs available from The Holding Company are available in Yellow, Grey, Pink, Violet, Red and Green and are ideal for adding some colour to your dining room or perhaps a child’s playroom.

We haven’t decided what we’ll use ours for, but they’re definitely going on our shopping list.

See these products at The Holding Company...

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Graham & Green

by Alexandra Thomas on October 27, 2009  |  0 comments

Add warmth to your floors with this stunning rug. £375

Wooden floors are all well and good but what do you do when the winter months set in and your room feels a little chilly? Warm your floors up with a beautiful designer rug of course.

Naturally, there are loads of rugs around to choose from but this Cow skin one from Graham & Green really caught our eye.

We love the fact its hand stitched giving it a really bespoke feel and the eye-catching star motif really sets it apart from other hide rugs.

Of course you don’t you have to have a wooden floor to love and enjoy this rug, it will look great on a contrasting carpet too and will look great whatever your style.

Magno radio from Bloomsbury & Co

by Alexandra Thomas on October 26, 2009  |  0 comments

Never miss a favourite tune with this cool radio. £230

When was the last time you actually listened to the radio and not your iPod? Hmmm, thought so!

Well, perhaps you’d be listening to it more if you had this super stylish radio from Bloomsbury Store.

The Magno wooden radio certainly ticks all the design boxes and being mp3 compatible will please the techies too.

That’s not all though; it’s got good eco credentials as well, being made from wood that comes from sustainable forests.

Seems to us it’s perfect all round and we can't wait to get our mitts on one and enjoy some really cool tunes, as well as listening in to important political debates of course...

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Moooi Two Tops desk from Utility Design

by Alexandra Thomas on October 28, 2009  |  0 comments

Make working from home a pleasure rather than a chore with this sleek desk. £1,744

If you work from home then you know the importance of having a good desk and somewhere peaceful to get those nagging jobs done.

We also know you don’t want your home office to look officey right?

So if you’re sick of working from the dining table or in cafes with free WiFi – we suggest you invest in one of these. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Moooi Two Top desk from Utility Design has really impressed us.

Not only is this desk super stylish (we love the spindle-inspired, turned-wood legs) but it’s multifunctional too.

The lid lifts to reveal plenty of storage and work space and when you’re done for the day, simply pull the lid down to hide your clutter and the desk turns into a storage table.


We love the desk in dramatic Black but if that’s not for you then it’s also available in Wenge and White.

We can’t promise this desk will make you super efficient but we reckon it will help.

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Flying birds from Designed in England

by Alexandra Thomas on October 25, 2009  |  0 comments

Get back to nature with these quirky wall decorations. £45

Aside from posters, prints, stickers and wallpaper what else can you use to make your walls more interesting? Hmmm, we, even in our infinite wisdom of interiors were a little bit stumped. But then we came across these and instantly knew we had to get our hands on some.

This set of three flying birds is designed by Andrew Tanner for Designed in England and is available in a set of three in Cream or singularly in Black.

We love their kitsch design, in fact they were inspired by Hilda Odgen’s lounge (for those too young to know she was a character in Coronation St with shall we say slightly dubious taste in interiors) and you can’t get more kitsch than that.

But we also think they’re rather stylish and will look great in a retro scheme. Just don’t leave rollers in your hair eh?...

Ladder-style bookcase from Lombok

by Alexandra Thomas on October 24, 2009  |  0 comments

Keep your books in check with this simple bookcase. £250

Pretty much everyone loves a book; whether you read the classics, trashy novels or historical biographies, you gotta have somewhere to stash them.

And the majority of us haven’t got the room to create a separate library, so what do you do? Well the answer is simple, really, it is – you invest in a good quality bookcase to display your collection.


One of our favourites is this Ladder-style design from Lombok. Made from stained bamboo strips, it’s slim enough to slip into even the narrowest of alcoves and provides ample storage space for all your reading matter.

And if you don’t like reading books (we won’t judge you if you prefer the latest copy of Heat to a Jane Austen, promise!) then you can use it to display vases, ornaments or even an iPod dock.

Deep buttoned chaise longue from Sheer Home

by Alexandra Thomas on October 23, 2009  |  0 comments
chaises and day bed

Relax and take it easy with this chaise longue. £382

There’s something really decadent about a chaise longue, for some reason they always remind me of lounging Hollywood starlets in film noir flicks.

Of course you can still have a chaise longue in your home even if you’re not an Oscar-winning actress and we love this one from Sheer Home. With its buttoned back and curvy lines, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a piece of vintage furniture.

It will make the perfect addition to your living room or how about using it to create a vintage-style boudoir.

And what we really love about it is that you can choose from 27 fabrics to have it upholstered in or use your own fabric to create a truly bespoke item of furniture.

Venetian shower curtain from Rockett St George

by Alexandra Thomas on October 21, 2009  |  0 comments
shower curtain

Create a landscape in your bathroom with this decorative shower curtain £30

On the whole, shower curtains are pretty dull but kind of necessary, that’s if you don’t want water all over your bathroom floor.

So just when we’d given up hope of ever finding a cool shower curtain, we were lucky enough to stumble across this one from Rockett St George.

It features the Venice skyline, is really beautiful and will bring a touch of interest to your bathroom.

But if you’re not feeling particularly Venetian, then don’t despair as Rockett St George also sells shower curtains featuring Trafalgar Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and even the London tube map so you can plan your journey when having your morning shower!

Trim telephones from Oliver Bonas

by Alexandra Thomas on October 22, 2009  |  0 comments

Never miss a call again with these colourful phones. £40

My parents had one of those old fashioned Bakelite telephones with the round dial which as a teenager used to infuriate me because it meant dialling took twice as long.

As I grew up however, I started to appreciate the beauty of it and whenever I see one, they always remind me of my childhood home.

These Trim phones from Oliver Bonas have the same delicious retro feel albeit they’re slightly more funky and I can’t wait to swap my slightly temperamental digital thingy which always seems to turn itself off for one.


Available in five different colours, we love the turquoise and on-trend purple – they’re perfect for adding a touch of colour to your home and naturally for having a good natter on as well.

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Hester armchair from Overend Studio

by Alexandra Thomas on October 20, 2009  |  0 comments

Take a seat with this slouchy armchair. £1,600

We love a good armchair to relax in here at Furnish HQ, especially when we’ve been busy bees bringing you the latest trends and news from the world of interiors.

Of course, we want our chairs to be super stylish but we don’t mind if they’re a bit fun too which is why we love this Hester one from Overend Studio.

Designed by Alexander Harris, the Hester was inspired by a Chesterfield sofa which explains the buttons which are an array of different colours.


As soon as we saw it, it was quickly added to our “we want now” list and we think that Mr Harris is certainly a designer to keep your eye on, so don’t forget where you heard about him first now...

See this product at Overend Studio...

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Olena vases from LSA International

by Alexandra Thomas on October 19, 2009  |  0 comments
vases and bowl

Display your favourite winter blooms in these striking glass vases. From £16

Summer may be well and truly over but that doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers in the home.

And of course you’ll need something gorgeous to display them in which is why we wanted to let you know about these beautiful Olena vases from LSA International.

These sculptural vessels are ideal for showing off a single stem or would look equally beautiful lined up on a mantelpiece or grouped together on a sideboard. And as everyone knows, you can never have too many vases as displaying flowers in anything else just isn’t on!

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Andrea hall table from ME Design

by Alexandra Thomas on October 18, 2009  |  0 comments
side table

Keep your hallway clutter free with this stylish console table. £2,070

Hallways are notorious for becoming a dumping ground. Everything from keys and post to coats and bags seems to end up draped over stair rails or worse still on the floor – well, they seem to in my flat anyway.

So what do you do about it? Well, you get yourself a fabulous console table of course. Like most items of furniture, there are lots of console tables about; some gorgeous, some are frankly hideous but we love the one we discovered at TENT from ME Design.

Made from solid Meranti (it’s a hardwood from Malaysia – yes we had to look it up...) the top and drawers are spray lacquered for a really sleek finish.

It’s not just good looking though, oh no, it’s practical too. With two deep drawers to stash away those bills you might be avoiding paying, it’s guaranteed to keep your hallway clear and tidy.

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Black birch desk from Little Fashion Gallery

by Alexandra Thomas on October 17, 2009  |  0 comments

Give your offspring somewhere stylish to do their homework with this clever desk. £730.54

If your studious offspring are doing their homework in front of the TV or hunched over the kitchen table, isn’t it about time they had a desk of their own.

We think so and Little Fashion Gallery also clearly agree as they’ve created this beautifully crafted desk just for the little people in your life.


Made from black birch, it’s large enough for them to spread out with all their exercise books, text books and laptop but it also has a really clever secret. Lift the hinged lid, and they’ll find plenty of storage space to stash away their stuff and not get shouted at by you for not being tidy.

We’re pretty sure we don’t want to go back to school (been there, done that) but with a desk this cool, we’re thinking about it...


Hot Spring radiator from Bisque

by Alexandra Thomas on October 16, 2009  |  0 comments

Make your heating more stylish with this statement radiator. From £516.

With the colder months rapidly approaching, it’s time to make sure your home is warm and cosy. However, radiators make us yawn a bit here at Furnish and we’re pretty sure it’s the same for you.

Sure, they’re super practical and most homes can’t afford to be without them but why do they have to be so dull?

If you’re bored with those white rectangular boxes, why not take a look at the range at Bisque? They know a thing or two about radiators; well they should really seeing though they’ve made them their business for over 25 years and have a great collection of designs guaranteed to get you excited about heating.


We love the Hot Spring design. Available in Metallica (no, not the band!) and Chrome finishes, the Hot Spring, as its name suggests, is a curvy design which will look great in any room.

Add it to your scheme for instant wow factor and of course to keep those chilly days at bay in style.

See this product at Bisque...

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Paris wardrobe from Puji

by Alexandra Thomas on October 15, 2009  |  0 comments

Keep your bedroom clutter free with this elegant wardrobe. £1,025

If you’re bedroom resembles a jumble sale more than an oasis of calm, then it may be high time to rethink your storage options.

Clever storage cubes, shelves and hangers aside, a good quality wardrobe is a must for any boudoir.

We love this Oak design from Puji. First off, it’s made from wood from managed forests so definitely ticks the eco box but it also ticks the style and function boxes too.


Generous hanging space and two deep drawers to stash away jumpers, scarves and other bulky items mean your bedroom will be clutter free in seconds.

We love its elegant curves and beautiful natural finish and think it would look great in any bedroom. Plus, there’s also matching bedside tables, chest of drawers and a bed in the range, so if you like the uniform look, then it’s the perfect choice for you.

Beautiful textiles from Selina Rose

by Alexandra Thomas on October 14, 2009  |  0 comments

Cosy up with this nature-inspired rug and throw. From £350 for the throw.

Without a doubt, one of the best things about autumn is it gives you an excuse to change your accessories – like you needed an excuse!

Out go the light fabrics, bright cushions and summery textiles and in comes something a little cosier.

If you’re looking to update your autumn interiors, we suggest you head over to Selina Rose. This textiles guru knows all about creating a cosy interior that’s stylish too. We love her beautiful designer rugs, cushions and throws and can’t wait to get our hands on these items to give our homes an autumnal feel.

The Bloom rug is just the thing to give your floors an instant update while we guarantee you won’t know what you did without the Botanica throw. Perfect for adding texture to your bed, it’s also great for snuggling up in front of the TV with.

See these products at Selina Rose...

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Spindle lampshade from Rothschild & Bickers

by Alexandra Thomas on October 13, 2009  |  0 comments
lamp shade

Shake up your lighting with this elegant shade. £275.

Boo to darker nights but hooray to using it as an excuse to splash out on some new lighting. It never fails to amaze us just how wrong people can get lighting.

Strip lighting is for shops, not living rooms – repeat that mantra and you’ll be ok. (And we promise we haven’t been peering through people’s living room windows). However, you’d be hard pressed to go wrong should you decide to go lampshade shopping at Rothschild & Bickers. Their collection is a virtual treasure trove of all things gorgeous and we had trouble picking our favourite.

lamp shade

After some deliberation though, we set our hearts on the gorgeous Spindle shades. Available in Bronze, Sargasso and Steel Grey, these lampshades have been made using hand-blown glass and will look absolutely stunning in both contemporary and classic schemes.

See this product at Rothschild & Bickers...

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Fan armchair from Ecco Trading

by Alexandra Thomas on October 12, 2009  |  0 comments

Make sure you’re sitting stylishly with this beautiful armchair. From £995.

Long gone are the days of matching three-piece suites, and amen to that!

Which means you can really splash out on a statement armchair to bring your living room to life and we think we’ve found the perfect one.

Ecco Trading have lots of stunning seating options on offer but we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the Fan design.

Designed as homage to classic 50s design, the chair has a beautifully shaped back and elegantly turned legs and best of all can be covered in your own fabric.

Now all you have to do is decide what you want it covered in...

See this product at Ecco Trading...

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