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Features: November '11

Shop The Trend: Folk

by Aimie Longhorn on November 24, 2011  |  0 comments
A selection of our Folk inspired items

Create the perfect wintry look in your home with the enchanting trend of folk

Create the perfect wintry look in your home with the enchanting trend of folk.
If your looking for a bit of style inspiration for your home this winter, then look no further than the latesttrend inspired by the traditional, magical and naturetheme of folk.

This whimsical style draws much inspiration from classic folkloric motifs of beautifully intricate patterns combined in rich and bright colour schemes, resulting in designs that wonderfully blend tradition with the chic and contemporary.

To add beautiful key pieces to your home, the Embroidered Folk Cushion from Primrose & Plum combines stylistic patterning in contrast with its stark pink colouring and makes for a fabulous statement.Opting for smaller key accessories such as the Scented Folklore Candle from Bloomsbury, will add a soft touches of wintry charm to your home.

Folklore Cake Stand, £38, from John Lewis, Embroidered Folk Cushion, £18, from Primrose & Plum, Scented Folklore Candle/Bergamot & Nettle, £22.95, from Bloomsbury, Nouvelles Folk Tree Wall Stickers, £16.50, from John Lewis, Folklore Mug, £6, from Hunky Dory, Folklore Pink Enamel Plate/Wild and Wolf, £8.95, from Bloomsbury.

Interview with Tom Faulkner

by Meg Lucas on November 20, 2011  |  0 comments
dining table
Madison Rectangular Dining Table, £799, from Tom Faulkner

We talk to contemporary furniture designer Tom Faulkner.

We recently caught up with Tom Faulkner, a designer of contemporary handmade custom furniture, who is based between Chelsea and Swindon. Tom started working in steel in the early nineties, producing original pieces of distinctive metal furniture. Creative metalwork is still a distinctive feature in Tom’s designs today, coupled with a strong focus on simplicity of line and proportion. We love the meticulous workmanship and attention to detail of Tom Faulkner designs, so we grilled Tom to find out more about the creative processes of his design team and what we can expect from his studio in the future.

dining table
Capricorn Rectangular Dining Table, £3,299, from Tom Faulkner

How would you describe Tom Faulkner designs in three words?

Distinctive, Elegant, Simple.

Do you have an all time favourite designer or design?

Brno chair by Mies van der Rohe is one of my favourites.

What does a typical day in the studio involve?

I divide my time between the showroom, the workshop and my home. The showroom is our office so I’m often doing business things there or meeting clients etc. I design at home and in the workshop, generally doing drawings and CAD work at home, and working with prototypes and any commissions we might be working in the workshop. If I’m working on a new design I always like to draw the elevations at life size, and then I’ll transfer it to the computer or I’ll get the guys in the workshop to do a rough mock and we’ll take it from there. A lot of the design comes in the making I find.

side table
Albany Round Lamp Table, £769, from Tom Faulkner

Since you first began working in steel in the early nineties have you undertaken any ambitious bespoke projects, if so what did they involve?

We do all sorts of things, but try not to wander too far off piste! We recently made a 4m Capricorn table for some Russian clients. It had a twin pedestal base, in hand polished stainless steel, which was quite a challenge.

What has been the bestselling design at Tom Faulkner, and why do you think this is?

Our Capricorn dining table is our best seller. It is extremely unusual and very striking, it’s very simple (although not to make!). It has classical lines and proportions and yet it is still contemporary. In polished stainless steel it is a real work of art! It is the design we are best known for, and it seems to always deliver.

What can we expect to see from Tom Faulkner in the near future?

We are adding a lot of wood and marble to our collection (in terms of table tops). We are also adding lots of new finishes to the metalwork.

Alice Tait London Map Print from Bloomsbury

by Alexandra Thomas on November 19, 2011  |  0 comments
Alice Tait London Map Print, £19.95, from Bloomsbury

Add some capital style to your walls with this Alice Tait London Map Print from Bloomsbury. £19.95

I have always been fascinated with maps and it would appear with the current prolific trend for them in the home, I’m not the only one.

Of course, being proud of my hometown, I have a particular fondness for maps of London and this Alice Tait London Map Print from Bloomsbury is a particular favourite of mine.

I love this beautifully illustrated design which shows all the important landmarks of this fair city from the historic Tower of London to one of the skyline’s newest additions, The Gherkin.

A perfect gift for visitors and Londoners alike, it’s guaranteed to look prettier than sticking a page from your A-Z on the wall.

Quick Shop: Chaise Longue

by Aimie Longhorn on November 16, 2011  |  0 comments
chaises and day bed
Our selection of chic and contemporary Chaise Longue

Luxuriate and relax in style this winter with a sleek and trendy Chaise Longue

As the winter is approaching in all its cold misery, we all look for home comforts to get cosy and relax in and what better way then to indulge this season in a luxuriously comforting Chaise Longue.

Cosy up in the lavishly chic Deauville Velvet Silver Chaise Longue, with its soft velvet texture, it will make the coldest of homes toasty. Or if your looking for a real style statement to brighten up your home, opt for the gorgeously contemporary Lime/Pink Stripe Chaise, with its unusual curvaceous shape and rich tonal stripes it’s guaranteed to bring effortless style to your home.

Ritz Lime/Pink Stripe Chaise, £1,404, from The Pole House, Deauville Velvet Silver Chaise Lounge, £425, from The Lover’s Lounge, Eichholtz Chaise Lounge Grey Linen, £1,140.50, from Occa Home, Carmen White Chaise Lounge, £1,959, from Fashion For Home, Corbusier Cow Hide Chaise Lounge, £1,215, from The Pole House, Stone Striped Chaise Lounge, £1,103, from Sweetpea and Willow.

Shop The Trend: Animal Prints

by Aimie Longhorn on November 15, 2011  |  0 comments
Our range of sassy animal prints

Take a walk on the wild side this season with the sassy trend of Animal Print

Ranging from leopard print footstools to cow hide magazine racks, the ever-growing stylish trend of animal print is guaranteed to bring a splash of glamour and animalistic playfulness to the most polished of homes.

This sassy trend work well by adding small key pieces into a space to allow a great mix of texture and warmth. The Union Jack Square Leopard Print Cushion proves a perfect statement piece and will add a splash of classy glamour to any home. Or if your looking to fully embrace the saucy trend, opting for large oversized pieces such as the Tricolour Cowhide rug will work perfectly on any flooring, to create depth and warmth within your home.

Leopard Print Footstool, £445, from London Cows, Zebra Throw, £185.50, from Occa Home, Jan Constantine Union Jack Square Leopard Print, £82, from Occa Home, Tricolour Cowhide, £295, from The French Bedroom Company, Cowhide Magazine Holder, £79, from London Cows, Flora Cow Skin Coffee Table, £395, from Graham & Green.

Chunky Hand Knit Cushion Cover from The White Company

by Alexandra Thomas on November 14, 2011  |  0 comments
Chunky Hand Knit Cushion Cover, £75, from The White Company

Cosy up with a couple of these Chunky Hand Knit Cushion Covers from The White Company. £75

With the leaves on the ground and the temperatures dropping, now is the perfect excuse to get all cosy inside.

Cushions and throws are must for this type of weather and we love these Chunky Hand Knit Cushion Covers from The White Company.

Super soft and simple yet very stylish, they’ll make the perfect Autumn addition to a sofa, bed or chair.

Interview with Rockett St George

by Meg Lucas on November 13, 2011  |  0 comments
wall light
Shell Candle Wall Sconce, £45, from Rockett St George

We find out what’s in store for the coming months at Rockett St George

Rockett St George is a fabulous décor brand, established in 2006, which offers a wonderfully eclectic mix of contemporary homeware and gifts. Known for their endlessly appealing range of items that are both beautiful and useful, there is truly something for every room of the house. We caught up with the ladies behind the brand, Jane and Lucy, to find out what we can expect from Rockett St George in the coming months.

How would you describe Rockett St George in three words?

Unique, useful, beautiful.

coat racks and stand
Ceramic Animal Large Coat Hooks, £24, from Rockett St George

Do you have an all time favourite designer or design?

Mother nature has to win hands down and the Shell is by far our favourite design (or maybe the feather!).

How was the company founded?

We both love car boot sales. It is the perfect learning ground to find great products within a sea of other stuff. As fellow booters we began to sell what we bought. We then realised that we made a great team and decided to start in 2006.

How are pieces sourced for Rockett St George?

We find our products in all sorts of places. We do go to show and exhibitions in the UK and across Europe. We also go to antique fairs, craft fairs and open studios. We are also approached by lots of designers, which we love.

Has there been a bestselling piece at Rockett St George, and why do you think this is?

Probably the best seller of all time has to be the Set of 6 Butterfly Prints. They are a classic image, pretty and affordable. The perfect combination!

office accessory
Iron Bird Cage Memo Board, £39.95, from Rockett St George

What is your favourite piece?

Jane: mine changes all the time. I am very fickle and tend to love whatever is new.

Lucy: I love the birdcage memo board. It is beautiful, timeless and very useful.

What can we expect to see from Rockett St George in the near future?

We have just sourced the most fabulous wall/door covering which will transform a boring door to a gorgeous french design. Very exciting!

Quick Shop: Umbrella Stands

by Aimie Longhorn on November 03, 2011  |  0 comments
Eye catching and chic, our range of Umbrella Stands

Store your umbrella in style this autumn in a trendy, chic umbrella stand

With the temperamental weather upon us, there is an easy solution to store your umbrellas and keep the entrance to your house looking proud, welcoming and most vitally – de cluttered!
Using an umbrella stand is a wonderfully stylish way to free up space and can make for a great style piece within your home. Whether your look is daring and bold or clean and simple, there are many styles to suit all homes and to suit a whole host of umbrellas!

Magis Goccia Umbrella Stand, £82.80, from A White Room, Ratton Square Umbrella Stand, £70, from The Holding Company, Kartell Gino Umbrella Stand Transparent Red, £84, from Heal’s, Lack Atico Umbrella Stand, £125, from John Lewis, Union Jack Umbrella Stand, £69, from Sweetpea and Willow, Classico Umbrella Stand, £64, from Metal Design Furniture.

Floor Candle Holder from Nordic House

by Alexandra Thomas on November 02, 2011  |  0 comments
candle holder
Floor Candle Holder, £65.50, from Nordic House

Save on energy bills and add an atmospheric touch with these Floor Candle Holders from Nordic House. £65.50

With energy bills soaring, we’re switching off an turning to a much more traditional way to light our homes.

Tried and tested for centuries, candlelight isn’t only practical (what would you do in a power cut) it’s atmospheric too.

To add some simple candlelight glamour to your home,we love these Floor Candle Holders from Nordic House.

Made from aluminium , they have been gently hammered to give them a vintage feel, they look stunning displayed in pairs in a living or dining room.