Delivery charges

Your items are dispatched to you directly by our sellers which means that delivery costs will vary from item to item.

For items buyable from, delivery options and costs are indicated on each item page.

Delivery times

Estimated delivery times are indicated on each item page. Items are not all subject to the same different delivery time as they may be dispatched by different sellers and some are made-to-order. Items that are kept in stock are generally delivered within 7 days or sooner. Items that are made to order may have significantly longer delivery times. Please refer to the individual item pages for further information.

Delivery to outside the UK

Many items are available for international delivery but not all are. Please refer to the individual item pages for further information on availability of international delivery and delivery cost.

Items sold from sellers' own websites

Some of the items we list cannot be bought from We list them because we think you'll love them, and we provide you with links to the sellers' own websites where you can buy these items. In such cases, we may give an indication of delivery times and costs on each item page, but we do not guarantee these are accurate. You should rely entirely on sellers' own websites for correct delivery times and costs.