Features: November '09

Andrei desk accessories from Harris & Jones

by Alexandra Thomas on November 29, 2009

Add some pattern to your home office with these decorative accessories. From £9.50.

More and more people are working from home. In fact I’ve lost count of the number of friends that do.

And a lot of them work from their dining tables rather than carefully organised desks in spare-room offices.

I’ve been racking my brains for what I can get said home-working friends for Christmas (other than a full time job and stability of course!), but now I think I’ve found just the thing. Harris & Jones design some really gorgeous desk accessories which will make any home office feel less like an office.


As well as being ultra-pretty, these accessories are practical too and the range includes a desk tidy, memo block, magazine files, desk trays and more. And while this Andrei print is our favourite, they’re also available in five other designs.

And if that won’t encourage them to have a tidy dining table (ahem, I mean desk of course) then nothing will.

See this product at Harris & Jones...

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Gold loop candelabra from Black+Blum

by Alexandra Thomas on November 28, 2009
candle holder

Create a dining table to be proud of with this candelabra. £70.

I adore candlelight, there’s just something so magical about it compared with the glow from an energy saving light bulb.

Of course, there are lots of candle holders and candelabras available. If you put them all together, they’d go around the Earth about three trillion times*.

But like most items for the home, some are gorgeous and some are, well, not...

But this Loop one from design duo Dan Black and Martin Blum has become a design icon and is one of the most stylish candelabras around.

Loop is available in Gold and Silver both of which are equally stunning. And with Christmas just around the corner, perhaps it’s time you treated your home to a little present too.

This will look fabulous as a simple yet stunning centrepiece for your dining table on the big day, without a piece of holly or a poinsettia in sight – which gets my vote.

*Not based on any form of scientific research (!)