Features: March '10

This week's pick of the interiors blogs - March 2010

Photo by Francois Halard for May 2008 issue of Vogue, via Habitually Chic

We’re crossing the Atlantic this week in search of some of the hottest interior design blogs around and look what we found with a few clicks...

While we’re obviously happy to be in dear old Blighty (after all we do have some of the coolest interior designers around), we love to take a trip across the pond from time to time.

Now we don’t have to worry about expensive airfares or decanting our make up into see-through bags as we can travel there virtually. Habitually Chic is one of our favourite stateside blogs as author Heather Clawson takes us on a tour of all things cool and American. We particularly enjoyed sneaking a peek at this LA home.

Another of our favourite blogs stateside is the elegant Simply Grove written by cool girl Kirsten Grove. We adore the Three Things To Love section and the chance to have a sneaky look at Kirsten’s beautiful home but what really pleased us was the introduction to Omni, a great furniture design company based in Arizona – we’ve got our fingers crossed that they’ll be shipping to the UK soon.

Kate from California writes the simple yet highly informative interiors blog Girl Meets Glamour. An interior designer by trade, it’s not surprise that Kate knows a thing or two about how to make homes look fab. We particularly enjoyed reading about panelling in rooms and it’s got us reaching for wood, nails and a hammer (or at least the phone to call a decent carpenter...)

Photo from Southern Accents September 2008, via Girl Meets Glamour

Should we be writing about your blog? Have you got exceptional writing skills and an amazing eye for interior design? Let us know and if we like your stuff we’ll add it to our blog roll.

This week's pick of the interiors blogs - 20 March 2010

It's our new pick of the interiors blogs, where we showcase some of the hottest blogs around.

You probably know by now that we’re obsessed with all things interiors. We live, sleep and dream our homes and adore furniture, cushions, art and gadgets. In fact we’re never happier then when we’re browsing magazines, brochures and blogs. Which is why we thought we should share our finds with you. Kicking off a new series, we introduce, drum roll please... ...our fave interiors blogs!

This is where, each week, we showcase some of the hottest blogs around and we were delighted to find there are, like us, lots of interiors enthusiasts out there. So, expect to see some blogs you may not know about, including picks from outside the UK.

Our favourite blogs

The Beat That My Heart Skipped is a truly beautifully designed blog. Interior stylist and writer Rohini Wahi shares her thoughts on the world of interiors, from highlighting some of the coolest and most stylish products around to fascinating sections such as My Inside Life and A Day With. This blog is a must-read for anyone who likes their home to be stylish.

There’s nothing dull about the Bright Bazaar blog and the beautiful, colourful photography reminds us of much sunnier days than the ones we’ve been experiencing of late. Author Will shows off some of the hottest interiors finds around, as well as carefully taking us on a tour of homes that have got us salivating.

For our next fave blog, we move Stateside and dive into the world of MadeByGirl. A beautifully designed and written blog, MadeByGirl gives us an insight into the world of Jennifer Ramos as she writes about interiors, food and fashion. Jennifer’s talents don’t end there though – she also has an Etsy store selling super cute prints.

Our favourite blogs