About us

What we do

Furnish.co.uk takes the hard work out of shopping for your home by bringing you the best and most stylish furnishings direct from the designers and boutique sellers.

Why we're different

Furnish.co.uk is different from other home interiors websites. We're an award-winning hybrid retailer and marketplace, and we're selective with the products and sellers we list. Every single product you'll find on Furnish.co.uk is hand-picked by us based on a simple criteria: We think you'll love them. We're a tat-free zone. We focus on quality, not volume and list only sellers you'll immediately fall in love with, whether they're from off or on the high street. And, even then, we'll show only products of theirs that we think you'll like. We'll include selected products from some of the big names too if we think you'll like them. Which means that everything on Furnish.co.uk is someone's perfect find because we've done the hard work for you.

And we're big supporters of great design and independent designers, so we hope that by using us to find stores and designers to furnish your home, you'll be shopping from the good guys.

Why we're doing it

With so many shops, websites, brochures and magazines to trawl, it can be painful finding the perfect things for your home. It's difficult to tell the good from the bad, or pick up the really great finds when everyone seems to be promoting the same stuff from the same stores as everyone else.

Who we are

The management team are:

Simon Hill, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Simon Hill, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of furnish.co.uk

Simon is a specialist in web sociology, user behaviour and interaction design, with a passionate interest in high-end interior design. The concept of furnish.co.uk was conceived by his wife Lisa back in 2005, after they had spent a frustrating three years trying to source great products for their newly renovated home.

When Simon is not working, he can be found spending time with his wife and son, listening to Rufus Wainwright, and sleeping.

Alan Bradburne, Chief Technical Officer
photo of Alan Bradburne, Chief Technical Officer of furnish.co.uk

Alan is a respected expert in Ruby on Rails, the platform behind furnish.co.uk. He's worked and consulted for numerous large and small corporates and is author of the book 'Practical Rails Social Networking Sites' published by Apress.

When Alan is not working he enjoys travelling with his wife in search of great food, the occasional video game, growing vegetables at his allotment and twittering.

Lisa Hill, Products Editor
photo of Lisa Hill, Features Editor of furnish.co.uk

Lisa loves elegant, minimalist interiors, but cannot resist a little bit of glitz and glamour.

When not curating products for Furnish, Lisa can be found curating products for her own home.

Paul Birch, Advisor
photo of Paul Birch, Advisor to furnish.co.uk

Paul is a serial internet entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Bebo (sold to AOL for $850M), co-founder of Birthday Alarms (a social network with 50 million subscribers) and is involved with several other successful internet ventures.

Brendan McLoughlin, Advisor
photo of Brendon McLoughlin, Advisor to furnish.co.uk

Brendan is co-founder of Fubra, a network of over 100 web sites with 250,000 UK visitors per day and 2.4 million subscribers.

Brendan started his career memorising all the barcodes in the Tesco meat department; shelf stacking was too boring. He loves skiing, analysing data and worrying about the economy.

Paul Maunders, Advisor
photo of Paul Maunders, Advisor to furnish.co.uk

Paul Is co-founder of Fubra, and works with Brendan.

Obsessed with gadgets, he is a self-confessed web geek who loves to rollerblade in the summer and snowboard when it's cold.