Sell with us

What we ask of you

We're very selective with the sellers that we list on The criteria below go some way to explain what we look for.

Criteria for sellers

We ask that you:

  • Sell gorgeous, high quality home interiors products. We love all styles from ultra-modern through to vintage, but items have to showcase great design.
  • Have a track record of selling to customers in the UK. We don't take on sellers based in other countries who are trying to break into the UK.
  • Provide accurate product information, including delivery times. Products must be as described and delivered within the time listed. We can't accommodate sellers who stall delivery once the customer has placed the order.
  • Offer a minimum one year guarantee on products. Our site visitors expect great quality, so we'll need you to guarantee this.
  • Offer excellent customer service, including quick responses to customer questions. We want visitors to buy in confidence and keep coming back for more.
  • Consider selling products on Furnish for the same price (or lower) than on your own website or elsewhere. We can't accommodate sellers who have pricing strategies that result in customers finding products on Furnish and then buying from you for cheaper elsewhere.
  • Have sensible delivery charges. We know that delivering large furniture items can be expensive, but customers are immediately turned off by a high delivery charge, as it feels like a wasted cost. You should try to offer free or low delivery costs wherever possible, and build these into the price of the item itself.
  • Allow us to choose a selection of your products, rather than expect us to list all of them. We rarely list every product by any single seller. We do this as it means we can work with more sellers and offer a richer range to customers.
  • Have products that naturally fit into our existing categories. We list only home interiors products, and are unable to list products that don't fall into these categories. For example, we don't list fashion items. Of course, if at least some of your products relate to home interiors, that's fine.

If you think you meet the criteria, we'd love to hear from you. Apply to sell with us...

Product information

In order to list your products, we need detailed information on them. The good news is that we don't expect you to upload these yourself unless absolutely necessary.

If you already have a website that lists your products, then we ask for you to provide a data feed containing all product information.

We need this in XML/RSS or CSV format, and permanently located at a URL on your website, such as or similar. Many online shop platforms can be set up to do this for you.

If that's not possible, we can set up a regular automated scan of your website to determine product information, which runs every day or two, although there is an associated monthly month to do this.