Karlsson Diamond DIY Multi Coloured Clock from Red Candy

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Karlsson Diamond DIY Multi Coloured Clock, £46.80, from Red Candy

Enjoy 'do it yourself' with a difference with the Karlsson Diamond DIY Multi Coloured Clock from Red Candy, £46.80.

Normally, the very thought of DIY sends shivers down my spine.

My failed attempts have included scorching a door whilst trying to strip paint off it, putting up a shelf so wonkily that a tealight holder slid right off, and getting so much paint on the ceiling when painting a wall, that the whole ceiling needed to be painted again afterwards.

My track record does mean, though, that my husband won’t allow me anywhere near our current DIY projects, which is a definite bonus.

This DIY, however, I could manage.

The gorgeous, bejewelled Karlsson Diamond DIY Multi Coloured Clock includes a stylish clock face together with 12 coloured plastic diamonds to be placed as you wish. Which means that no matter how wonky the end result, you can tell the world that was exactly how it was meant to be!

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