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Our guide to the perfect home office

Stack Wooden Desk

Create a productive yet pleasing space for the perfect home office.

Whether you work from home or just want somewhere stylish to sort out your paper work, our handy guide shows you how to create the ideal home office.

The desk

There’s a plethora of desks available in a huge range of styles, so the first choice you need to make is whether you want something classic or contemporary, simple or funky. Once you’ve decided on the style, it’s time to think about size. Make sure you carefully measure the room you’re going to use for your home office as it’s important you have space for all the other furniture you’re going to need.

Next think about the surface area; with monitor and keyboard (if you have a desktop computer), accessories and storage trays all jostling for room, you need to ensure you have enough space. Also consider whether you want a desk with drawers, they can be handy and provide extra storage but can also limit under desk space and provide a tempting place to hoard clutter.

The chair

The most important thing to consider when choosing your chair is comfort especially if you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting in it.

Choosing one with wheels means you’ll be able to easily manoeuvre around the room, and opting for one which can be adjusted height wise means you can get one that’s just right for you.

When it comes to style, that’s purely down to personal choice but adding a bright or leather chair offers the perfect way to add some interest and a pop of colour to your scheme.

office chair
High Back Office Chair


Plenty of storage in a home office is essential, especially if you’re using a small room. A sturdy filing cabinet is a good idea - be sure to choose one that can be locked if you need to store confidential paperwork. If you don’t want to take up lots of floor space, consider wall shelves or wall-hung storage units as an alternative.

Magazine files and storage boxes are a must for keeping paperwork, magazines, documents and other bits and bobs neat and tidy. House near your desk or on shelving units and make sure they’re labelled so you can see what's in them at a glance.


Getting the lighting right is essential, especially if you’re going to be burning the midnight oil! If your room doesn’t have a window, opt for a central light with a bulb that mimics natural daylight. When it comes to desk lamps, there’s a huge range of styles to choose from but it’s well worth choosing one that’s adjustable so you can direct the light just where you need it.

table and bedside lamp
Pia Wood and Chrome Table Lamp


This is the fun part! The best thing about having a home office, especially one which you work from on a daily basis, is that it doesn’t have to look like your usual run-of-the-mill office.

Brighten up the walls by choosing a fun colour or patterned wallpaper, and add favourite artwork, not forgetting to add an interesting calendar so you can keep track of your important dates and appointments.

Resist the usual desk accessories and instead choose pretty or unusual vases, ceramic tumblers or mugs to house your pens and pencils while paperclips, rubber bands and the like can be housed in vintage trays and dishes. Finally, a throw on the back of your chair is a good idea so you can keep cosy when working late.

Quick Shop: Waste paper bins

waste paper bin
Our pick of waste paper bins.

Be good to the environment and recycle your paper with a stylish waste paper bin.

The waste paper bin is generally seen as a very basic accessory and one of life’s necessities, however that doesn’t mean it needs to look basic.
Furnish has a great selection of waste paper bins in all colours, shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

The Faux book library waste paper bin from Pavilion Broadway is great for the bookworms and those with traditional taste.
But if you’re looking for something a little more funky, the Essy red bin bin paper bin from Red Candy is great for adding a splash of colour.

So try a bin that’s a little different than your usual, wicker cheapie and go for something that doesn’t have to be hidden away.

(Clockwise from Top) Essey red bin bin paper bin, from Red Candy £42, Wire waste paper bin, from Summerill & Bishop £23.50, Faux book library waste paper bin, from Pavilion Broadway £85, Sanganeeri wastepaper bin, from OKA £49, Crown wastepaper bin, from OKA £49, Recycled newspaper wastepaper bin, from John Lewis £10.

How to create the perfect home office

Our pick of home office essentials.

keep your home office professional yet fun with our pick of office essentials

With more of us achieving the luxury of being able to work from home, your office should be somewhere stylish and practical to conduct your hard grafting. Keeping a professional feel to the room will allow you to stay motivated when the deadlines loom.

However, making your own office attractive and comfortable will make that Monday morning wake-up call a little less daunting.

The Desk

Undoubtedly the most important component of a study is the desk. With so much choice, it can be difficult to find one right for your needs. However you can’t go wrong with a desk that has plenty of storage space such as the Opus Large Desk from Love Furniture. With a spacious top, drawers and a cupboard to fit any large folders, it’s perfect choice for anyone working from home.

The Chair

A good chair is important too and when you’re sitting for what seems hours at a time, choosing a comfy one is essential. Colour-wise, you can’t go wrong with black; it oozes style and sophistication and is perfect for any home office. Add a leather finish and you’re on to a winning seat, such as the Eames EA119 high back ribbed office chair, from Lover’s Lounge. The comfortable, high back is definitely a powerful feature, keeping you inspired on even the most miserable of days, plus it’s fully adjustable so will help keep back pain at bay.

Odyssey writing desk, from Graham & Green £595

The Storage

Creating attractive, storage space in an office is relatively easy if you have the right furnishings. If you want to include a feature of the industrial office inside at home, one option is the 6 Door industrial locker unit from Rose & Grey. With its eye-catching design and edgy, metal finish, it’s fabulous for creating interest in the office, and perfect for stashing away all your clutter.

For a personal touch, how about pinning pictures of your loved ones inside the doors for a real back to school, vintage look.

The Decor

The office may be a place of work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be lifeless. Keeping your office colour scheme relaxed is key for a tranquil place to work and getting things done, so neutral tones jazzed up with some feature wallpaper is a good idea.

Forget the typical, dreary office colours like scuffed white and mucky grey and go green with the Sunlight Through Leaves wallpaper from Ella Doran. Combined with a grassy green rug such as the Sethos Green Rug from Fashion4Home, you’ll feel a little closer to nature and less restricted by those four walls.

office chair
Eames aluminium mesh office chair, from Lover's Lounge £350


The lighting in your office is certainly something to ponder about. Dim lighting will only make your day seem far longer, plus you might have to pull out the reading glasses. While bright, call-centre style lighting will make you feel stuck in a box. So meeting in the middle with some warm, soft lighting will make you feel at ease in your surroundings along with any tasks that lay ahead of you.

The Wild Horn lamp, from Sweetpea and Willow had a neutral, rustic shade that will expel calm lighting and with its unique design of animal horns, will make a bold statement in any office.
Finish your main light off with a cool designed shade, like the Satellight World lampshade, from Duffy London, to keep you inspired.


Pen/pencil holders are great placed on the desk to ensure you’ll never been digging in the bottom of the drawer again. The Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy from Utility keeps your stationary super safe.

Another useful accessory to have is a calendar to keep you informed of any important business meetings. If you fancy something a little more permanent, the Appointment Perpetual Calendar by Philippi from Pelican Pear is a good choice.

Organisation is paramount to a tidy office, so having somewhere to stash all your important paperwork is certainly useful. The Metal Desk Tidy from Graham & Green will keep all your bills and statements ordered.

So, now you’ve sorted all that out, it’s time for the hard graft to begin. Good luck!