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How to add bold pattern

Ferm Living Gracewood Wallpaper

Go brave and find out how to add bold pattern to your home.

If you crave some excitement and are fed up with boring white walls and dull furniture, then read on to discover how you can get a whole new look by adding some bold pattern to your home.


While it might seem an obvious choice, using wallpaper to add bold pattern to your walls is a pretty fail-safe move.

If you’re wanting to go full-on bold, you can go the whole hog and paper the entire room, which is certain to create a strong style statement. However, selecting a bold pattern in subtle, neutral tones can make it easier to live with.

Take time choosing your pattern to make sure you will still like it a year down the line by hanging large samples of your favourite options before committing to papering the whole room.


Good news is patterned carpet is no longer considered naff and, even better, there’s a plethora of designs to choose from. Vinyl flooring also now comes in a range of contemporary and classic designs allowing you to have a different patterned floor in every room in the home from the kitchen to the office!

Rugs offer a hassle-free alternative to permanent flooring. Look out for designs which have a bold central pattern, such as a large flower or a repeat geometric print, which work well in both contemporary and classic schemes. Faux animal print rugs can look particularly striking on hardwood floors or a neutral carpet.

Zebra Print Cowhide


If you thought paint was just for creating plain walls, think again. Paint can be used to create a wide range of bold patterns, which are perfect for transforming your space.

The simplest design to start with, and probably the best for novices, is stripes. Stripes are timeless when it comes to interiors and suit all styles; all you need is a steady hand, your chosen paint colours and some masking tape. Then simply mask the widths of your stripes and get painting.

Thick stripes in two colours will create a bold statement or you could try a candy-stripe effect and paint thinner stripes in a range of colours for a seaside, beach-hut look which works particularly well in the bathroom.


Most people play it safe when it comes to choosing furniture, but the odd statement piece or two covered in a boldly patterned fabric can create a strong style statement.

Contemporary and bright patchwork armchairs and sofas are popular and work well when used as an accent piece teamed with other neutral furniture.

Peacock Patchwork Chair

Introducing an upholstered headboard for your bed is a great way to bring bold pattern into your bedroom. Team it with bed linen in a complementary colour for a really polished look.


If you’re still not feeling brave enough to go for furniture or wallpaper, accessories offer the perfect way to add some bold pattern with minimum fuss and commitment.

There is a huge range of patterned cushions to choose from - from bold florals and psychedelic, retro prints to brave geometrics - so it completely comes down to personal choice.

A patterned throw or bedspread will instantly lift dull chairs, sofas and beds while patterned china is great for livening up a boring dinner table.

The trick with boldly patterned accessories is to stick to the same colour palette so it doesn’t feel too overbearing.

Our guide to storage

bookcases shelf
Bloomingville Wooden Bookcase

Get your clutter sorted with our handy guide to storage for every room in the home.

No one likes a messy home but keeping it neat and tidy can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are short of space or don’t have the right storage. Our handy guide shows you how to make the most of your space to keep it clutter free from the living room to the hallway.

Living Room

Shelving units or bookcases are essential for keeping books in an ordered fashion, while a sturdy magazine rack will keep your papers and favourite monthlies neatly stored.

If you’re lucky enough to have a real wood fire or stove, invest in a large basket to keep your logs and kindling neatly stored yet close at hand.

Those who are short on space, or who want their storage to work harder, should look for clever dual-purpose pieces. These include coffee tables with hidden storage or footstools whose lids lift up to reveal space to stash everything from out-of-season throws and cushions to magazines and paperwork.

coffee table
Stateroom Trunk Coffee Table

Dining Room

A decent sideboard is an essential piece of dining room kit, especially if you entertain a lot. As well as providing surface space to display favourite accessories, it will help to keep your formal china and cutlery separate from your everyday dining items, and give you more room in the kitchen.

If you don’t have room for a floor standing design, opt for a wall-hung version, which is a great alternative and will still provide you with ample storage space.


Most kitchens have lots of cupboards and drawers, which are great for keeping all manner of clutter neatly tidied away. Make your cupboard space work even harder by placing items that you only use occasionally at the back of the cupboard and everyday items at the front. Open shelves work equally as well to stash plates and serving dishes as well as non-perishable food stuffs.

If you don’t have cupboard space for fruit and vegetables, consider opting for a freestanding vegetable rack. And when it comes to utensils, if you’re short on drawer space, look for pretty pots and holders which can keep everything near to hand, and keep knives safely stored in a drawer or within a worktop knife block.


If you have the room, a console table is a hallway must-have for keeping post and other hallway paraphernalia neat and tidy. If your hallway is narrow (as most are), a deep wall-mounted shelf is a good alternative to a traditional console table. To ensure coats, jackets, hats and scarves are kept neatly in check, install strong coat hooks along one wall and add baskets or shoe racks to keep the area clutter free.

baskets and container
Wooden Ladder with Baskets


Supplementing essential bedroom storage such as wardrobes and chests of drawers is a great idea to keep your boudoir looking neat and tidy. If you have space under your bed invest in specially designed boxes and crates, which can be pushed under to store out-of-season clothing and bed linen.

If you get fed up with your necklaces getting tangled in dressing table drawers, make a feature of them by using a pretty row of hooks and displaying them on a plain wall. If space is limited, look for multi-functional furniture such as bedside tables with drawers and shelves or tallboys that incorporate mirrors so you won’t need an separate dressing table.


Often one of the smallest rooms in the home, it can be hard to keep bathrooms free of clutter. If you’re short of floor space, wall hung storage is a great solution. Whether you opt for closed cabinets or open shelves, try making the most of your space by utilising the area over the basin to keep all your lotions and potions neatly stored.

Finding room for towels can be a nightmare especially if you don’t have an airing cupboard; to solve this problem, try keeping your neatly rolled towels in check by storing them in cube shelves. Finally, over-the-door hooks provide the perfect place for stashing bathrobes and towels, which are in regular use.

Clever ways with walls

Scrapwood Wallpaper Design 16

We show you some great ways to breathe new life into your old walls.

Walls really don’t need to be boring - so, if you’re finding yourself reaching for the old fail-safe white paint again, stop and read on to find our tops tips for livening them up.


Wallpaper may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s only for the past decade or so that covering your walls in paper has been back in vogue. Papering a whole room in a small-scale pattern won’t feel suffocating, but if you’re brave with your decorating you can choose to go the whole hog and use a bold pattern. Alternatively, consider papering alcoves or behind bookshelves, and paint the rest of your space in a complementary colour.

Framing wallpaper is also a good option and doesn't involve having to commit paper to wall permanently, making it the perfect choice for those living in rented properties. Simply frame off-cuts of patterned wallpaper in varying designs but in the same colourway, place in plain frames and display on a wall in a random fashion.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers offer a great alternative to wallpaper, and are relatively fuss free to use. They come in a myriad of designs, colours and themes. In fact there are so many available, the hardest part is deciding which design to go for!

wall sticker
Large Plum Blossom Wall Sticker

If you have a large plain wall, bring it to life with a mural wall sticker, which will create a strong focal point, while inspirational quote wall stickers are great for home offices or anywhere you need a bit of encouragement.


The 1980s gave us rag rolling, stencilling and stippling but paint effects, thank heavens, have moved on. Today’s styles are far bolder and fresher but work equally as well in both contemporary and classic spaces.

Stripes are a popular choice and work well in rooms throughout the home. As a rule of thumb, horizontal stripes will make a space appear larger while vertical stripes will create a feeling of increased height. To achieve this look, a good quality masking tape is an essential piece of kit. Use it to mask how wide you want your stripes to be, and paint over the exposed part of the wall in your chosen colour(s). Once you've finished painting, you then need to carefully remove the masking tape to avoid causing any damage to the base colour or your stripes.


Artwork is such a personal choice that we wouldn’t dream of telling you what to choose, but whether you opt for original prints, reproductions or posters or even your own designs, walls are instantly lifted with a piece or two of artwork.

Girl With A Pearl Bubble

Creating impressive displays using a selection of prints isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Simply choose your prints or photographs, select a collection of different style frames in the same or similar hues and frame your artwork. Then lay the frames out on the floor until you're happy with your display, take a quick picture and replicate the layout on the wall. Voila, you have an art display worthy of a gallery and a newly refreshed wall.

Decorative Tape

Forget using them to wrap up presents, decorative tapes are big news when it comes to interiors and are perfect for applying to walls, especially for those looking for a temporary solution.

There’s a plethora of designs and colours available, which work well for both contemporary and classic schemes so the only thing you have to worry about is what works for you.

Use scissors to cut your tape to size for a polished look or carefully tear them for a more rustic look; then apply them to create decorative focal points on walls or use them to frame pictures or prints.

Editors Choice: Our favourite coffee tables

coffee table
Vintage Oval Coffee Table

Finish off your living room perfectly with our pick of the best coffee tables.

Coffee tables are an essential bit of kit for a living room; not only do they provide the perfect spot for, well, your cups of coffee, they can also be a handy place to store the TV remote, display your favourite magazines and, if you really like showing off, house your favourite design books.

We’ve picked three of our favourites to review and give you the lowdown, so all you have to do now is choose which is right for you.

The Retro One

Mid-century inspired furniture has been the big hitter these last few years and continues to be a strong trend. Alexander and Pearl has a great collection, giving you the look without having to endlessly trawl flea markets and auctions houses.

Amid their collection is this lovely Vintage Oval Coffee Table (see above) which screams 1950s Mad Men style effortlessly. Made from solid American White Oak, the table has a generous sized top, which provides plenty of room for all your living room essentials.

There’s no added storage space with this table, so you’ll have to be super strict on the clutter but it's bound to become a piece of furniture you’ll treasure for years to come.

The One With Storage

Living rooms are meant to be just that - for living. No one wants to live in a show home or a museum, but keeping your living space clutter free can be tricky.

This Manhattan Loft Square Table by Viva Lagoon ticks all the boxes; it’s both stylish and practical, and will help you keep everything neatly stashed away.

coffee table
Manhattan Loft Square Coffee Table

Underneath, there’s a generous, sleek but stylish slatted solid French oak shelf which is perfect for stashing your books, mags and TV remotes. While up top, this understated table has been finished with a concrete resin top, which adds a distinctly industrial feel.

As well as being good looking, there’s plenty of room to display your favourite books, house a cuppa while you have a natter with friends and there’s even space to display a vase full of fresh blooms if you wish.

The Super Cool One

We love clever, innovative furniture here at Furnish and we have a whole host of it, but this Lounge Table by Naken Interiors is one of the cleverest pieces we’ve seen for a long time.

Resembling something from a 1960s sci-fi series, this seriously cool table is perfect for those looking for something a little different when it comes to decorating the home.

coffee table
Lounge Table

Available in a range of sizes, this ultra cool coffee table has built in LED lights, which gently illuminate the top of the table. Finished with a stainless steel curvaceous base, this table is ideal for creating a strong style statement and looks great when teamed with sleek contemporary furniture.

Looks aside, this table is super practical too, with plenty of room on top to house all your living room essentials while the elegant shaped based won’t take up too much precious floor space.

Colour combination: Yellow/grey

Large Horseshoe Arch Cushion

Colour combinations can be tricky, but yellow and grey is a match made in heaven.

There are probably hundreds of scientific reasons why yellow and grey go together so well, involving contrast, balance, tone, etc. but the simple fact is that no matter what shades you use, they work together brilliantly. They seem to work in any room in the house from the bedroom and the kitchen to the living room and hallway and, to top it all, this colour combination suits both classic and contemporary schemes.

Whether you choose a dark charcoal and neon pop or a subtle primrose and dove grey, our handy guide shows you to how to make it work in your home.


Having a favourite piece of furniture re-upholstered in a yellow or grey or combined fabric is a great way to incorporate this colour team into your home. Make sure you check that your chosen fabric can be used for re-upholstering and enlist the services of a experienced upholsterer to carry out the work.

Alternatively, there’s a huge range of yellow or grey furniture available which can combine to create a truly striking scheme.

chests of drawer
Vintage Yellow French Chest Of Drawers

Options such as a grey sofa with a glossy, yellow side table or armchair, painted grey dining table with painted yellow dining chairs, or a yellow upholstered bed with grey bedside tables all also work well with the colours reversed.


Yellow and grey wallpaper is the easiest way to inject this colour combination onto your walls and there’s a plethora of both classic and contemporary designs available.

Similarly, using paint on your walls is an easy and extremely effective way to incorporate the colours into your scheme. When it comes to ideas with paint, the list is almost endless but painting the walls in grey and the woodwork in yellow creates a striking effect, as does using masking tape to create alternating wide stripes in the two colours. If you favour one colour over the other, use that to create a bold statement by painting a chimney breast or alcoves to create a focal point.


Grey flooring is far more forgiving than yellow, so it’s best to use flooring designs in the darker colour. That doesn’t mean you can’t highlight and accent with details - a yellow rug on top of a dark grey carpet can create a striking look and provide a much-needed pop of colour.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Multi Rug - Yellow

If you’d rather avoid using carpet, painting floorboards grey and combining with a yellow painted trim or skirting board looks equally impressive. Make sure you use paint intended for floors to get a really professional finish, and avoid choosing high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens.


When it comes to choosing window treatments, a combination of yellow and grey works well all-year round. Try layering the colours at your window by choosing a blind in either colour and complementing with curtains in the other.

Other ways to use textiles to incorporate this colour duo into your home include using yellow cushions on a grey armchair or sofa, using a grey throw to cosy up yellow bed linen or adding pops of colour to a bathroom by storing towels in both colours on a towel ladder.


If an all yellow and grey scheme isn’t for you and you prefer white walls but still want to add this great colour combo into your scheme, using accessories is a simple and effective way to achieve this.

Try grouping together yellow and grey ornaments on a white mantelpiece to add colour and interest, or brighten your walls by painting varying sizes and styles of photoframes with yellow and grey paint to create an eclectic gallery effect.

When it comes to the dining table, layering plates and bowls in the two colours is simple yet striking, and looks particularly effective when used on top of a white table cloth or plain wooden tabletop.

How to style your home for summer

Isabelle floral wallpaper

Hints and tips on how to get your home ready for summer.

A new season offers the perfect excuse to update your home interior and add some summertime touches. Here are some great tips and ideas to give your home a fresh look.


While we’re not suggesting you re-paper your entire home, choosing to refresh the wallpaper in a bedroom or living space will give your home a much needed summer boost. Look for light colours and patterns, which you can use with complementary paints and other furnishings to create a cohesive look.

If you don’t want to wallpaper your walls, why not try papering the inside of a cupboard or lining a bookcase or display unit to freshen up your furniture. Using new wallpaper needn’t be a permanent choice either; try framing off-cuts of patterned wallpaper in similar hues, framing them and creating an interesting and eclectic display that can be changed with the seasons.


Changing your wall colour is a great way to ring in the new season. Don’t feel you have to stick to traditional colours, but opting for a sophisticated pastel or bright shade will help inject some of the new season into your home. As with wallpaper, paint isn’t just for walls so why not revamp a tired piece of furniture with a lick of paint or give some old accessories a new look by spray-painting them.

While paint effects such as stippling and colourwashing may well belong in the 90s, consider using tape to mask off areas and create stripes or geometric patterns which is a great way to update a wooden table top or blanket box.


Flooring can be expensive to replace so if you don’t want to rip up your carpet or hardwood flooring, consider using rugs in soft shades and materials to give your floors a lighter feel.

Grey dandelion rug

If your wooden floorboards have seen better days, painting them in a neutral colourway is a perfect way to celebrate the new season and help increase the feeling of light and space.

Make sure you use a professional floor paint to avoid chipping. If your floorboards are in good condition, whitewashing them will give them a nautical feel.

Window treatments

Summertime is the perfect time to ditch heavy window treatments and go for something much lighter. Blinds are a good option as you can control the amount of light you let in, while curtains should ideally be light cottons or voiles in neutral colours and patterns to make the most of the extra daylight.

Shutters work well too, but be sure to go for ones which have been painted in light colours and can be adjusted. For rooms where you want extra privacy such as the bathroom but don’t want to cut out any extra light, consider using window film, which is available in a range of patterns and styles.

Bed linen

Summer means it’s time to get rid of all those heavy throws, quilts and cushions and lighten up your bed linen. Look for natural, breathable materials such as cottons and linens when it comes to duvet covers and pillowcases, and choose light colours such as sophisticated neutrals and subtle nudes.

bed linen
Hanoi Daisy bed linen

It’s time to put your velvet and woolen cushions away too and instead opt for lighter materials and patterns to give your bed a lighter look that’s still super comfortable. And don’t forget to change your duvet too; all those months with a high tog will be a distant memory as soon as the temperatures start to get higher.

How to spruce up a rented home

wall sticker
Wall stickers are a great way to decorate your walls

Update your rented space with minimum fuss and cost.

More and more people are renting these days, but living somewhere that’s not strictly your own doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home. Our guide shows you how to transform your space from boring magnolia to a home you’re proud to show off.


While some landlords will let you paint the walls (if you ask nicely) quite a few won’t allow it. But all is not lost as there are lots of ways to transform your walls without ever reaching for a paintbrush.

Wall stickers are a great choice and can be applied and removed with minimum fuss. Whether you choose to opt for a whole wall mural or transform a small section of one of your walls, they instantly breathe new life into a scheme.

If you’re smitten with wallpaper but it’s strictly banned, framing it is a good way to incorporate it into your scheme. Look out for off-cuts of your favourite designs in complementary colours, frame them in charity shop frames in varying shapes and sizes, and you will have created your very own piece of artwork.


Rented properties have a history of having either really dull or really hideous carpet.

Using rugs not only makes a space feels more cosy, but they’re great at hiding a multitude of carpet sins such as red wine stains and threadbare patches.

A gorgeous rug makes a room feel more cosy

Fun and funky rugs work really well and provide the perfect basis for a room’s colour scheme. To pull your look together, pick accessories such as cushions and throws in accent colours from the rug.

Great for the living room and bedroom, a cheerful runner will also instantly improve a dull hallway. However, think carefully about what colour rugs you choose to use where. A pale rug is fine for the bedroom but is a no-no in high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways. For these areas choose a patterned design or perhaps a dark colour.

Art Work

Prints and posters offer an ideal solution to brightening up a scheme. Whether you opt for a huge canvas or a series of smaller, complementary prints, it’s the perfect way to spruce up a boring wall and really add some personality to your scheme.

If you’re short on cash and are feeling creative, using favourite snaps of places, friends and family is a great alternative. Montage frames allow you to display a multitude of pictures in one handy frame or if you’re feeling imaginative, you could try creating your own eclectic display using different shaped frames.


From cushions to candlesticks, a well chosen, well-placed accessory can make all the difference to making somewhere feel like home.

If your sofa comes with your house or flat, then a couple of throws and cushions will give it a fresh look and make it extra comfy. Choose two or three complementary colours or stick to using varying shades of the same colour to create a real statement.

Mantelpieces and sideboards are perfect for displaying your favourite vases, photo frames, candles and other trinkets. Copy a well-known interior designers’ trick and group items in threes to create a really stylish look.

Candles give a lovely glow to any room

And if all else fails, plants and vases full of colourful blooms work well. A bunch of fresh flowers each week needn’t break the bank so long as you choose ones that are in season.

Finally, a clock is not only practical but can brighten up a plain wall in a flash. To create a bold statement, go as large as you dare and if you favour the retro look a gold starburst clock looks particularly impressive.

Editors Choice: Our favourite console tables

Embossed Silver Metal Console Table by Out There Interiors

Check out our top three favourite console tables.

Console tables are an essential piece of hallway kit. Whether your space is big or small, narrow or wide, a console table not only adds interest to your hallway, but is practical too. From somewhere to keep your post and keys safe to stashing away items you’d rather have out of sight, no hallway should be without one.

We’ve picked our favourite three and put them under the spotlight to help you decide what’s best for your space.

Our top console table for... adding glamour

When it comes to interiors, glamour is back with a vengeance and, while we’re not suggesting you go all Liberace in the home, a touch of glamour here and there will instantly lift your space.

The Embossed Silver Metal Console Table by Out There Interiors (see above) is the epitome of glamour and will create a real statement in any hallway.

Finished in embossed silver metal, this beautiful table has gently curved legs and elegant clear glass handles on the drawers.

But it’s not just stylish, it’s practical too - with a wide tabletop, there’s plenty of room to display all your hallway essentials such as a phone and table lamp. Then there’s the three handy, spacious drawers, which are perfect for keeping everything from phone books and keys to gloves, hats and scarves neatly stored.

Our top tip for using this console table in your hallway is to keep the rest of your decoration simple yet elegant, so combine with subtle patterned wallpaper, sophisticated neutral paint colours and unfussy flooring to let it really stand out and be the focal point of the room.

Our top console table for… adding industrial chic

Inspired by loft living and disused factories, the industrial trend continues to be a strong one when it comes to decorating the home, and this Loft Console Table by Alexander & Pearl is a perfect example which would look great in a retro or contemporary hallway.

Loft Console Table by Alexander & Pearl

Crafted with a conscience, this table is made from reclaimed timber, and its simple design is completed by gently curved, metal legs.

Featuring two sturdy shelves, the top one is generous in size meaning there’s ample room to keep even the messiest of hallways neat and tidy. The top shelf provides space for post, address books and other hallway paraphernalia while the bottom shelf could even be used for storing the odd pair of shoes.

While this console table has no drawers to keep your bits and bobs hidden away, there’s plenty of room under the bottom shelf place to some sturdy, metal storage boxes which will give you even more space to store your clutter.

Our top tip for this table is to choose your accessories carefully and opt for a factory-style table light and retro phone to keep the industrial look going.

Our top console table for… a minimalist look

If you like things sleek, simple and ultra modern, the Modern Glass Top Console Table by Coco Male is the perfect choice for your home.

Simple, understated, and very elegant, the brushed steel frame is accompanied by a super sleek glass black top, and is ideal for small spaces as it doesn’t take up too much room.

While there are no drawers to speak of, the tabletop has plenty of space for all your hallway needs, but we suggest keeping clutter to a minimum.

Modern Glass Top Console Table by Coco Male

If you do want extra storage in the hallway, a simple, modern coat stand or rack would complement this table perfectly and make sure your space remains clutter free.

Our top design tip for this table is to keep things plain and simple by keeping your paint or wallpaper choices neutral and adding a splash of colour with a modern, sculptural vase.

Get the Look: Hotel Chic

Hotel chic

Find out how with our guide to getting the hotel look at home.

Most of us come away from fantastic hotels wishing we could replicate the look at home - well now you can with our guide to getting the hotel bedroom look at home.

While you might not have a maid or 24-hour room service, that doesn’t mean your home can’t look as amazing as any of the best hotels around. With some careful planning and beautifully chosen pieces, your bedroom will soon be given the 5 star treatment.

Beds and bed linen

Typically the stand out feature of hotel bedrooms! When it comes to choosing your bed, it is always worth buying the best you can afford and, with its elegant good looks, the Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed (see above) is a perfect choice.

If you opt for a divan, choosing a headboard will add interest and turn your bed into a stylish focal point.

When it comes to dressing the bed, crisp white linen is a great starting point. Choose designs with high cotton thread count and add interest by accessorising with cushions and throws in varying colours and textures.

Ruched Cotton Percale Bed Linen


Most hotels choose simple yet elegant furniture so copy this look by choosing pieces with clean lines. In addition to the all-important bed, bedside tables, a dressing table and, if room allows, a comfy armchair or chaise longue are essential kit.

Look for bedside tables which have drawers or shelves to keep the top clutter free, and leave plenty of room for a lamp and reading material.

Storage is key to keeping the look luxurious and uncluttered. Fitted wardrobes can be a good option as they take up little room, provide a more streamlined look and are great for hiding a multitude of clutter while a chest of drawers or tallboy provides ample space for stashing away jumpers, tops and lingerie.

Barcelona Walnut Bedside Table


You’ve probably noticed that hotel bedrooms tend not to use central or overhead lighting fittings. If they do, they are usually discreet, recessed spotlights which are connected to a dimmer so you can create and control the mood.

Choosing a combination of well-placed lights is key to getting this look right. Bedside table lights are a must; it's best to choose ones that can be adjusted for bedtime reading.

If you don’t have space for a bedside table, choosing a wall-mounted light is a good option. Wall lights are often used in hotel bedrooms and can work just as well at home. Look for uplighters in materials such glass and porcelain which gently diffuse the light and create a warming atmosphere.


Mirrors offer a great way to brighten up a plain wall. Hotels often choose large, decorative ones to create a focal point in the room and this is an easy look to replicate at home. Choosing a classic freestanding design is also a good idea and can instantly update a dull corner.

Choosing artwork is where you can really show off your personality. Most hotels tend to stick to generic landscapes so put your spin on this by choosing something you really love and want to see everyday. Large-scale canvasses look great and can be used to create a dramatic style statement. Look for ready-made prints or have one made using a favourite photo to give your room a personal touch. A sculptural vase filled with fresh blooms is a perfect finishing touch to give your space a sophisticated hotel-style look.

Guide to lighting your home

Guide to Lighting

We show you how to get your lighting scheme spot on and ensure you’re never left in the dark.

When creating a successful interior scheme, one of the key ingredients is getting your lighting right. Whether you have huge amounts of natural light in your home or not, creating an inviting, liveable, interesting and stylish scheme depends a lot, if not entirely, on getting your lighting right.

Here we show you how you can use different lighting sources to create perfect schemes throughout the home.

The Living Room

Your living room offers the perfect opportunity to use a multitude of light sources and, indeed, you should try to do so, as each of them can be used to create different atmospheres.

A central light is a good starting point and, if room allows, choose one that creates real impact and acts as a focal point for the room. Having this connected to a dimmer switch is ideal as it allows you to control the amount to suit your mood.

Table lamps are a must in a living room, and can instantly brighten up dimly lit corners, which is especially useful in the darker months. If you like reading in your living room, a curved floor lamp, such as this Large Chrome Arch Floor Lamp by Out There Interiors is a great option. Position it next to a comfy armchair and you have the perfect reading spot in which to relax.

Large Chrome Arch Floor Lamp

The Dining Room

When it comes to lighting, having a central light carefully positioned over your dining table is a must. Choosing one that can be raised and lowered is a good option, so you can create a more intimate atmosphere when needed.

If you would prefer not to have one single light, a row of pendants such as these Beso One Light Pendant in Bronze by Fields of Blue work equally well and displaying them at varying heights will add interest and create a focal point.

As with the living room, a dimmer switch is a great idea for any dining space, allowing you to alter your lighting to suit the occasion.

The Bedroom

Lighting in a bedroom needs to cater for many different situations from reading in bed to applying makeup.

A central light is a good call for general everyday use and allows you to create a focal point in the room. If you don’t have room for bedside tables, then wall-mounted lights such as these Leitmotiv Buck Grey Wall Lights by Viva Lagoon are a good alternative for reading in bed.

Adding a task lamp to your dressing table, much as you would in a home office, is a good idea. Choose one that allows you to direct the light to exactly where you need to for maximum effect.

Leitmotiv Buck Grey Wall Lights

The Kitchen

Here again, a central light is a good starting place in the kitchen. If you have a dining table within your kitchen, placing a ceiling light above this is essential to ensure you have enough light for comfortable dining.

Under cupboard lights are a good idea. One a practical level, they provide pools of light while you’re preparing food but can also be used to create a more intimate atmosphere for in-kitchen dining.

The Hallway

Hallways can often be narrow and dark, which means having the right light sources is essential.

A combination of a central pendant together with wall lights will ensure your hallway is lit correctly and create a welcoming glow.

If you have room for a console table, make sure you add a table lamp which, when placed near a window or the door, will create a warming atmosphere.

And while not strictly speaking in the hallway, an outside light installed near the door is both inviting and safety conscious.

The Bathroom

Lights used inside bathrooms need to follow a strict IP rating code. As a rule of thumb, the lower IP rating a light has, the nearer it can be used to a water source, e.g. lights with a IP rating of 1 can be used nearer a bath than those with an IP rating of 2.

Central lights work best when encased which prevents them being damaged by steam and condensation, while an illuminated mirror is an useful bit of kit allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

However, it’s choosing your bulbs correctly which is really important in the bathroom - as many don’t have windows you want to replicate natural daylight as far as possible so it may be worth taking time to experiment with bulbs until you find the ones which suit you.

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Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

Add some fun to your home with the Rodnik Shark Fin Chair, £449.

The trouble with being obsessed with interiors is sometimes you can take yourself too seriously.

You get so bogged down in the minutiae of everything from choosing the exact shade of paint to spending an age looking for the perfect light, that you forget your home is meant to be somewhere you feel comfortable spending time as well as it looking good.

Case in point is a great video recently released by a team calling themselves Barrow & Fall – a parody on the well-known paint and wallpaper experts. Viewing it reminded me that sometimes we forget that interiors can, and indeed often should, be fun.

Which brought to mind the Rodnik Shark Fin Chair by made.com, which has long been a favourite of ours here at Furnish.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair side view

Designed by Philip Colbert’s Rodnik Band label, the Shark Fin Chair is a great statement piece, and is perfect for adding some humour and irreverence to your home interior.

It offers a definite nod to mid-century modern design thanks to its gently splayed, angular legs which are crafted from solid beech finished in classic black, and the “fin” armrests which are reminiscent of a classic 1950s armchair.

However, it’s the upholstery, which makes this chair really special and gives it a pop art vibe worthy of sitting alongside any Warhol or Liechtenstein print.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair up close

Featuring a vibrant shark print, the fabric has been carefully positioned to make you feel as if you’re sitting in the mouth of Jaws, which cleverly juxtaposes with the comfortable and supportive seat and backrest.

Perfect for a teenager’s den or a little one’s playroom, this chair is also ideal for big kids and will look fantastic in a neutral room, teamed with brightly coloured accessories.

Trend Watch: Super Stripes

Our favourite striped home accessories

Give your home a smart look with our favourite striped buys.

Stripes are always in vogue when it comes to fashion and are a perennial favourite for interiors too.

Whether you opt for wide, dramatic monochrome or sweet candy colours, stripes work well in every room in the home from the bathroom to hallway, and suit every style from classic to contemporary.

If you have the space, this beautiful Ergo Retro Striped Button-Back Cream Chair by Alexander & Pearl is the perfect choice for a bedroom, while this Carved Wood Table Lamp with Striped Shade by Out There Interiors with its stylish woven shade will be a welcome addition to any living room.

This smart Black Stripe Chopping Board by Naken Interiors is essential kit for stylish cooks, while this Stripe Moroccan Silk Throw by Rocomara is great for keeping warm on chilly early spring evenings.

Copper Angled Floor Lamp

floor lamp
Copper Angled Floor Lamp

Keep dark nights at bay with this Copper Angled Floor Lamp, £180.

We might be heading towards spring, but the days are still short, which means it’s essential you have all your lighting needs sorted.

We have a fantastic range of lights and lamps here at Furnish from classic table lamps to contemporary floor lamps, alongside funky chandeliers and pendants.

One of my favourites is this Copper Angled Floor Lamp by The French Bedroom Company. Simple, yet elegant in its design, it will bend and move to suit your needs.

Perfect for the living or bedroom, there’s also a gold version available, so all styles and colours of room are catered for.

Trend Watch: Industrial

Our favourite industrial-style items

Bring some factory chic to your home with our pick of the best industrial-style products around.

When it comes to interiors, the industrial trend shows no sign of abating.

I, for one, love it! There’s something about bringing bashed-up, factory-style pieces into the home that just works. It shouldn’t but it most definitely does.

From lighting to furniture, accessories to wallpaper, it’s easy to inject this look into your home.

If you work from home, this Brooklyn Finest Industrial Desk With Drawers by Alexander and Pearl is a real statement piece perfect for a home office and, with 3 drawers, it’s practical too.

Lighting is a huge part of this trend, and whether it’s original or reproduction you’re after, there’s an amazing choice available. We like this Small Industrial Pendant in Lacquered Steel by Viva Lagoon. Taking inspiration from mid-century factory lighting, it would look fantastic in the kitchen or dining room.

Finally, what to do with your walls? The answer is splash out on Piet Boon’s Concrete Wallpaper (CON-06 shown here) by BODIE and FOU. It doesn’t come cheap but looks great and is perfect for completing the factory-cum-warehouse look.

Editors Choice: Console Tables

console table
Some of our favourite console tables

Keep your hallway tidy with our pick of the best console tables around.

A console table is an essential piece of hallway kit. A place to stash keys, post and other hallway paraphernalia, and here at Furnish we have all shapes and sizes to suit every space and style of home.

Working just as well in the bedroom as in the hallway, this Mirrored Tray Console Table by The French Bedroom Company is both stylish and practical. While those who need to be savvy with space will love this Small Black And Silver Console Table by Out There Interiors which is just 90cm wide and 40cm deep.

Meanwhile, if you prefer an oriental style, we have this Classic Chinese Console Table in Oyster Grey by The Nine Schools or the Asian Contemporary Small Console by Shimu to choose from, both of which should fit the bill perfectly.

Madaillon Rug

Madaillon Rug in Grey Turquoise

Add warmth and pattern to your floors with this Madaillon Rug, from £90.

Rugs are one of my favourite accessories when it comes to the home. Perfect for everything from covering up one too many red wine stains to keeping your floors warm and cosy – they’re also great for adding pattern and texture.

This Madallion Rug (in Grey Turquoise) by Naken Interiors has just made it to the top of my wish list and is absolutely perfect for my living room.

Inspired by traditional Persian designs, it has been given a contemporary twist thanks to its colour palette.

Great for the bedroom and living room, use this rug as the basis for your colour scheme and accesorise with turquoise and grey vases, cushions or throws to bring your look together.

Colour watch: Primary colours

Furnishing with primary colours

With primary colours making a comeback this year, here’s how to inject some brights into your scheme.

Red, blue and yellow, more commonly known as the primary colours, are coming back in a big way.

While neutrals and neons are still around, we have seen a re-emergence of these colours that remind us of, well funnily enough, primary school.

Those who use these bold, beautiful and unapologetic shades fall in two camps; those who embrace them with wanton abandonment as if in homage to Mondrian and those, like me, who prefer subtle pops of colour. Both approaches can work very well.

Here at Furnish, we have a great selection of primary-coloured home interiors to choose from including furniture, accessories and even wallpaper.

The fearless will love this striking, showstopping Pop Yellow Chandelier by The French Bedroom Company which certainly creates a statement wherever it is used, as well as this great looking Bongo Bar Stool in Red by Furniturepod.

Meanwhile, design junkies will be unable to resist this classic Blue Panton Flower Pot Pendant, while those into funky, unusual artwork will love this Juju Hat in Yellow, both by Design My World.

Arnold Pendant Light

pendant light
Arnold Pendant Light

Revive your lighting with this Arnold Pendant Light, £49.

While I often write about things I love that we have here on Furnish, I rarely write about things I have bought. So this “Fab Find” kinda changes all that as I’ve recently purchased the rather fabulous Arnold Pendant Light by made.com.

I’d been on the hunt for a new pendant light to go above my dining room table and this striking Arnold light caught my eye. It combines simple white shades with bright red flex to create a simple yet eye-catching and very effective piece.

The perfect addition to my dining space, my Arnold is still in its box waiting for an electrician to come and fit it, but I’ll post a picture as soon as it’s up.

Colour Watch: Hot Pink and Teal

Some gorgeous hot pink and teal pieces

Be bold and brave with the daring combination of teal and hot pink.

Not for the faint hearted, this week’s colour combination takes its inspiration from bold and beautiful Designers Guild fabrics which started firmly putting colour-phobes in their place many moons ago.

A daring pairing, these striking colours just seem to work together, particularly when teamed with a neutral backdrop. Here at Furnish, we have lots of gorgeous items in these colours from furniture to accessories to really make your scheme pop with colour.

For the brave, a piece of teal furniture will instantly lift your room and we have some great pieces available. This Bedside Teal and Silver Cabinet by Shimu offers just enough Eastern style without being too over the top, while the Vintage Teal Armchair by Alexander and Pearl is a must for retro lovers.

When it comes to this colour combination, it’s important to go for the boldest shade of pink you can bear – that way it really pops against the teal. For a bold bedroom, try adding this Passion Pink Full Length Mirror by The French Bedroom Company or breathe life into a tired, plain wall with this Butterfly Clock in Fuchsia by Red Candy.

Colour Watch: Yellow and Grey

Some gorgeous yellow and grey pieces

Let us show you how to make this classic colour combination work in your home.

Grey and yellow go together like strawberries and cream, and this classic colour combination has had something of a renaissance in recent years, working well in both classic and contemporary schemes.

Whether you opt for pale or bright shades, you’ll create a stunning, timeless scheme using this dramatic palette.

We have some gorgeous yellow and grey items here at Furnish, from furniture to accessories to get you started.

If you’re looking for some striking lighting this Fifty Shades Chandelier by The French Bedroom Company works well in both living spaces and bedrooms, while the Loopy-Lu in Yellow by Loopy-lu will stand out wherever it’s used.

And if you’re looking to update your furniture, this simple yet ever so stylish Sommerville Yellow Linen Armchair by Alexander and Pearl is just waiting to be accessorised with this Skinny Laminx Leaves Cushion Cover in Grey from Design My World.