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Donkey Stool

by Alexandra Thomas on August 20, 2014  |  0 comments
Donkey Stool

Add some fun to your furniture with this Donkey Stool, £345.

With the summer holidays, I’ve been thinking a lot about the little ones in my life. They’re a stylish bunch my little friends, so I’m sure they’d appreciate and share my love of interiors.

We have some great stuff for kids here at Furnish from children’s furniture and wall stickers to children’s lights and accessories.

One of my favourite pieces is this Donkey Stool by Out There Interiors.

Made from solid ash, this super stylish stool is perfect for any budding interior design aficionado, whilst also being sturdy enough to be used as a side table or as a stool for grown-up bottoms.

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Twinkle Twinkle Print

by Alexandra Thomas on June 12, 2014  |  0 comments
Twinkle Twinkle Print

Add interest to a little one’s room with this Twinkle Twinkle Print, £19.95.

I have a new nephew which is very exciting because the other two are far too big for cuddles anymore.

So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect present and thought a piece of artwork for the nursery would be a good idea.

We have some gorgeous children’s art and decor items to choose from here at Furnish but my current favourite is this Twinkle Twinkle Print by Folly.

Simple, yet ever so stylish, it features the lyrics to everyone’s favourite nursery rhyme. Perfect for any budding design guru, I love the varying typefaces, which give this print a really special feel.

(Frame not included.)

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Bobby The Bird Bookends

by Alexandra Thomas on April 14, 2014  |  0 comments
Bobby The Bird Bookends

Keep little book lovers happy with these Bobby the Bird Bookends, £19.95.

I adored books as a child and would spend hours poring over Beatrix Potter and Brambly Hedge, books which I have to this day and are still just as special to me.

You’d think that in this age of technology, little ones would have fallen out of love with books but a visit to my goddaughter’s bedroom last weekend proved just the opposite. Her shelves are bulging with volumes of her favourite reads and she told me how she loves her nightly bedtime story.

If you know some little book lovers, they’re bound to be big fans of this set of Bobby the Bird Bookends by Design my World.

Crafted from metal, this friendly pair has been finished in green and is perfect for adding some fun to a little one’s bookshelf while keeping their favourite stories in check.

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Pup the Table Lamp

by Alexandra Thomas on February 17, 2014  |  0 comments
table lamp
Pup the Table Lamp

Add some canine fun to a little one’s room with this Pup the Table Lamp, £59.95.

Decorating little ones’ rooms can sometimes be tricky, especially if you want the decor to grow up with them.

The trick is to keep the overall scheme neutral and add personality by using accessories such as bed linen, lighting and artwork.

We couldn’t resist sharing one of our new favourite finds with you which is this Pup the Table Lamp by Lifestylebazaar.

Made from thermoplastic, these cute little chaps are available in three colours – white, orange and pink – and will make the perfect addition to any kiddie’s bedside table.

Goldilocks Porridge Bowl Set

by Alexandra Thomas on December 24, 2013  |  0 comments
serving dish
Goldilocks and the Three Bear Porridge Bowl Set, £52, from Lifestyle Bazaar

Add some fairytale charm with this Goldilocks and Three Bear Porridge Bowl Set from Lifestyle Bazaar, £52.

While I’m strictly a “white tableware only” kind of person, even I can’t resist the odd fun bit of crockery, especially for the breakfast table. And while I’m not a massive fan of porridge, I adore this Goldilocks and the Three Bear Porridge Bowl Set from Lifestyle Bazaar.

Consisting of four, generous cereal bowls (three for each of the bears and one for Goldilocks), this super cute set is guaranteed to get even the fussiest of eaters sitting down at the breakfast table starting the day the right way.

And if you’re feeling particularly fairytale-inspired in the kitchen, there’s a tea towel and a set of matching mugs available too.

Bunnies Print

by Alexandra Thomas on December 18, 2013  |  0 comments
Bunnies Print, £90, from Art Star

Brighten up a little one's room with this Bunnies Print from Art Star, £90.

If you favour a subtle, non-Disney approach to decorating your little one’s room, we have a fantastic range of products here at Furnish.

From the prettiest of bed linen and cute, stylish accessories to storage solutions for everything from books to clothes, there’s all you need to create a great looking room.

And to add interest to a plain wall, we have a wide selection of prints and wall stickers.

My absolute favourite is this super sweet Bunnies Print from Art Star which features a collection of bouncing rabbits and pretty flowers making it the perfect update for spring.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

by Alexandra Thomas on December 09, 2013  |  0 comments
Some of our favourite Christmas gifts for children.

Give your little ones something special this Christmas with these gorgeous, fun accessories.

Much as kids love toys at Christmas, it is also a great opportunity to give them something special to brighten up their bedrooms. We have some gorgeous bits and pieces for children's rooms here at Furnish, sure to put a smile on their faces.

This funky Karlsson Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock from Dutch by Design will add fun and colour, while this giant Children’s Cushion Big Lulu from JasmineWay will go down a treat in any girl’s room.

Up-and-coming interior designers will surely adore this super stylish Handmade Rabbit Cushion from Chocolate Creative to add some country-style chic to their bedroom, while budding art lovers will be thrilled with this stylish and educational Animal ABC Print from Folly.

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Dinosaur Duvet Cover Set

by Alexandra Thomas on December 04, 2013  |  0 comments
bed linen
Dinosaur Duvet Cover Set, £40 - £55, from Great Little Trading Company

Bring the Jurassic back to life with this Dinosaur Duvet Cover Set from GLTC, from £40.

I have yet to meet a boy or girl who isn’t fascinated with dinosaurs so, if you’re looking to update your little one’s bedding this Christmas, I may have found just the thing.

This gorgeous Dinosaur Duvet Cover Set from Great Little Trading Company comes in a lovely dark blue, and features a tartan pterodactyl, stegosaurus and (not too scary) T Rex.

Just the thing for any budding palaeontologist.

To fit toddler bed - £40
To fit single bed - £55

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Zoli 2-in-1 desk and shelves

by Alexandra Thomas on November 28, 2013  |  0 comments
Zoli 2-in-1 desk and shelves, £229, from mykidecoroom

Help your kids keep things tidy with this Zoli 2-in-1 desk and shelves from mykidecoroom, £229.

With Christmas comes lots of new stuff, especially for little ones, so it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and get your storage sorted now.

To encourage little ones to keep their new toys and games neatly tidied away, fun children's storage solutions are essential.

We love this Zoli 2-in-1 desk and shelves from mykidecoroom which is ideal for stashing away a multitude of stuff including books and small toys, while also providing a desk space for kiddies to sit at.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Poster

by Alexandra Thomas on October 28, 2013  |  0 comments
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Story Poster, £24.99, Fields of Blue

Add a literary touch with this Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Story Poster from Fields of Blue, £24.99.

Adding artwork to your kiddies’ rooms is the perfect way of updating the space without committing to wallpaper or paint colours.

We have a fantastic selection of kid-friendly posters and paintings here on Furnish, but my favourite piece of children's art is this Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Story Poster from Fields of Blue.

The poster is made up of all of the words from this well-known tale (condensed of course!) and features a simple silhouette of the story’s famous heroine.

Great for adding a sophisticated touch, this poster is ideal for anyone who’s fallen in love with this fantastical book.

Rainbow Chevron Rug from Great Little Trading Company

by Alexandra Thomas on September 24, 2013  |  0 comments
Rainbow Chevron Rug, £150, from Great Little Trading Company

Brighten up a little one’s room with this Rainbow Chevron Rug from Great Little Trading Company, £150.

Keeping things neutral in a little one’s room means there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment with accessories to add pattern and colour to brighten the scheme.

The Great Little Trading Company has a wide range of products which are ideal for doing just that, from lamps to clocks as well as a fantastic offering of stylish curtains and bed linen.

I particularly like the new rug collection which offers a riot of colour and pattern. My personal favourite is this Rainbow Chevron design which is 100% wool and is ideal for adding interest to a plain carpet or painted floorboards.

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Fairy Tale Bookends from Folly

by Alexandra Thomas on June 14, 2013  |  0 comments
Fairy Tale Bookends, £27.95, from Folly

Add some literary style to a little one's bedroom with these Fairy Tale Bookends from Folly, £27.95.

Like most children, one of my favourite things in the world ever was to be read to, especially as my slightly bonkers parents were rather good at doing all the different voices.

If you have little ones and they’re already developing a passion for literature, then you’ll need some decent bookends to keep their mini library in check.

While there are tons of bookends to choose from here on Furnish, I am particularly taken with these Fairy Tale Bookends from Folly.

Made from laser cut steel and decorated with pretty silhouettes, these book ends feature every fairy tale’s classic beginning and ending “Once upon a time” and “The End”.

As well as being practical, they also add a fun, decorative touch to any room.

Kids' Cities Wall Clock from Habitat

by Alexandra Thomas on May 24, 2013  |  0 comments
Kids' Cities Wall Clock, £30, from Habitat

Add some city style to a little one's room with this Kids’ Cities Wall Clock from Habitat, £30.

When I was little I was absolutely fascinated by time zone clocks. True I mostly saw them in films, as I wasn’t exactly a frequent visitor to The Stock Exchange, but fascinated by them I was.

And how excited would I have been if the Kids’ Cities Wall Clock from Habitat had been around when I was a nipper? Very, that’s how.

Ideal for adding a splash of colour to a kiddie’s room, this clock tells the time in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo which makes it perfect for budding travellers.

Seaside Beach Hut Keepsake Box from Lindleywood

by Alexandra Thomas on May 01, 2013  |  0 comments
Seaside Beach Hut Keepsake Box, £49, from Lindleywood

Add a nautical touch to your little one’s bedroom with this Seaside Beach Hut Keepsake Box from Lindleywood, £49.

Having lived by the sea for many years, I love a touch of nautical style in the home. Sadly, most of it is a little over the top and doesn’t quite work for city dwelling.

Where is does work well is in a child’s room, and there’s an array of seaside-themed products available to decorate a little one’s space from lifesaver-shaped cushions to pirate-themed bed linen.

I’m particularly taken with this Seaside Beach Hut Keepsake Box from Lindleywood which, needless to say, has been designed to resemble a beach hut.

Perfect for hiding away little knick knacks, the handmade hut can be personalised, making it extra special.

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Felt Elephant Head Wall Hanging from Design 55

by Alexandra Thomas on April 17, 2013  |  0 comments
wall art
Felt Elephant Head Wall Hanging, £62.50, from Design 55

Add some animal magic to a little one's room with this Felt Elephant Wall Hanging from Design 55, £62.50.

Animal heads are everywhere at the moment, with stags being particularly popular.

However, mounting Bambi’s daddy’s head, faux or not, might be a step too far when it comes to a little one’s room.

Which is why I’m rather taken with this Felt Elephant Wall Hanging from Design 55 and think it will be the perfect gift for my goddaughter’s upcoming birthday.

Also available as a zebra, rhino or giraffe, try displaying these friendly faces in a row to create a focal point in a nursery or bedroom.

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Mr Bear Cushion from Art Star

by Alexandra Thomas on March 12, 2013  |  0 comments
Mr Bear Cushion, £48, from Art Star

Add some fun to a little one’s room with this Mr Bear Cushion from Art Star, £48.

When it comes to decorating a little one’s room, the last thing on your mind is probably which scatter cushions to choose.

But if you’re nurturing a young design aficionado, then it’s a sure fire way to ignite a passion for home accessories!

While we’re not suggesting you splash out on Missoni or Ralph Lauren Home versions just yet, we are rather taken with these Mr Bear Cushions from Art Star.

Available in four colours, they feature a friendly looking bear and will look gorgeous in any child’s (or big kid’s) bedroom.

Penguin Wallpaper from Bodie and Fou

by Alexandra Thomas on February 08, 2013  |  0 comments
Penguin Wallpaper, £45, from BODIE and FOU

Brighten up a little one’s room with this Penguin Wallpaper from Bodie and Fou, £45.

Aside from dogs, penguins are my favourite animals and, having consulted some of my little kiddie friends, it seems this opinion is shared by most children.

So why not add some fun to a little one’s room with this Penguin Wallpaper from Bodie and Fou?

Available in four colourways - blue, silver, green and plum (shown here) - it features rows of the cute little creatures, and is the perfect way to add some interest to a plain wall.

Alternatively, it’s ideal for lining a bookcase or toy chest.

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Knitted Lambswool Cowboy Cushion from Folly

by Alexandra Thomas on February 01, 2013  |  0 comments
Knitted Lambswool Cowboy Cushion, £39.95, from Folly

Create a fun kids' room with this Knitted Lambswool Cowboy Cushion from Folly, £39.95.

Finding kids’ accessories can be tricky. They either seem to be covered in the latest big hit cartoon character or made from brightly coloured plastic.

If you want something a little different, then this Knitted Lambswool Cowboy Cushion from Folly is just the thing.

Made from super soft lambswool and adorned with cowboys and cacti, it’s perfect for adding some Wild West style to a little cowboy or cowgirl’s room.

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Jacinto Elephant Trunk from Anaiza

by Alexandra Thomas on January 23, 2013  |  0 comments
blanket and storage chest
Jacinto Elephant Trunk, showroom models currently £500, from Anaiza

Keep little ones’ rooms tidy with this Jacinto Elephant Trunk from Anaiza, showroom models currently available at £500.

Whenever I visit my goddaughter, it seems her toy collection has grown by at least 50%. As she grabs the latest game/cuddly toy/book to show me, her exasperated mum yet again bemoans their lack of storage.

It’s fair to say that in order to get children to help keep their space tidy, storage in their room needs to be pretty cool.

This Jacinto Elephant Trunk from Anaiza definitely ticks that box and is rather beautiful too. Crafted from wood, simply open the double doors and two generous drawers and a shelf are revealed.

Ideal for stashing away books, games and art equipment, it’s bound to be a huge hit with little ones and might, just might, persuade them to tidy their rooms.

Light Switch Stickers from Folly

by Alexandra Thomas on December 29, 2012  |  0 comments
wall sticker
Light Switch Stickers, £5.95, from Folly

Liven up a little one’s room with these Light Switch Stickers from Folly, £5.95.

If you’re not a fan of Disney or the latest “in” kids’ character, then finding items to decorate little ones’ rooms can be tricky.

These Light Switch Stickers are a great way to add some fun with minimum fuss and come at a bargain price too.

Each set of stickers (boys, girls or animals) comes with four sheets of stickers including eyebrows, rosy cheeks, hair and facial hair which can be used to create “faces” for your switches.

Great for encouraging your little darlings to get involved in decorating their rooms, the options are truly endless. When they’re bored with one look, the stickers simply peel off and they’re ready to create the next.