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Guide to creating the perfect dining table

by Alexandra Thomas on April 11, 2015
Berlin Mango Wood & Iron Industrial Dining Table by Alexander and Pearl

Check out our tips for creating a delectable dining table.

Whether it’s for a casual weekday supper or for something a little more formal, our top tips show you how to create a dining room table to be proud of.

The dining table and chairs

There is, of course, a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing your dining room table and chairs. From solid wood to glass and metal, it really comes down to personal choice and available budget.

Once you’ve settled on a style, it’s important to think about how you’ll use it. If you have a small family but entertain a lot, investing in an extendable table is a good idea. If you do go for this option, look for additional chairs that can be stacked or folded away when you don’t need them.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to the dining chairs is comfort. Once you’ve got that sorted, you can choose designs which match your dining table for a cohesive look or those which contrast for something a little more eclectic. Brightly coloured painted wooden or plastic chairs can look great with a wooden or sleek gloss table.

Table linen

While you might not use table linen everyday, it’s a good idea to have an assortment of choices on hand. Plastic coated tablecloths are ideal for young families as they can be wiped clean after every mealtime and come in a variety of designs and colours to add interest to your table.

For more formal occasions and those times you really want to impress, a linen tablecloth and napkins are a must. With a huge range of patterns and colours available, it can be hard to choose but white or off-white linen always looks stylish and works in both contemporary and classic schemes.

If your dining table is particularly precious, think about investing in a table protector, which will safeguard against any knocks, spills and burns.

Bugatti Sintesi Cutlery Set by Gifts with Style


Choosing hard-wearing, dishwasher-safe cutlery is a good bet for everyday use. If you fancy something a little grander for supper parties and special occasions, there’s a huge range to choose from, whether sleek, modern designer styles or ornate, classic collections.

If you want to create a vintage look, consider collecting a mish mash of designs from second hand shops. Cutlery that is only going to be used occasionally should always be stored in a felt-lined box to prevent it from getting damaged.


When it comes to special occasions, it’s important to think about what glassware you’ll need. Red and white wine glasses are essential, plus tumblers and jugs for water and soft drinks. Strictly speaking, clear glass looks the most stylish but coloured glass can look good if you’re going for a particular theme.

Silver Plated Wine Glasses by The Orchard


From the all-important plates to bowls and serving dishes, choosing your tableware is where your style personality can really come into play. White tableware looks the chicest whatever your style but if you want to add some colour and pattern, think about adding side plates and serving bowls and platters in different colours and styles.

For an impressive dining table, try layering soup course, first course and main course plates and bowls in varying colours or patterns to give a restaurant feel.


Flowers look beautiful on a dining table, especially for special occasions. Opt for low vases and think about the height of flowers so you don’t have guests straining over them to see one another.

Placemats are a good idea for both everyday and special occasions; as well as protecting your table they’ll also add pattern and colour while candlesticks are great and instantly pretty up a dining table. Apply the same principle as flowers and make sure they’re low enough for guests to see over.

A smattering of tealights is an affordable, hassle-free way to create a simple yet stylish display.

Editors Choice: Our favourite bedsteads

by Alexandra Thomas on March 30, 2015
Barcelona White Bed by Coco Male

Searching for the perfect bedstead? Here’s our top three, and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

We've scoured our gorgeous range of bedsteads and put them under intense scrutiny. Here’s our top three, and what makes them special.

Everyone loves sinking into a comfy bed at the end of a hard day, but having a comfortable mattress doesn't mean you have to compromise on style, as our selection of stylish bedsteads prove. So it’s time to ditch the divan and use your bed to create a statement in the bedroom with our pick of the best bedsteads around.

Best for…contemporary cool

This simple yet ever so stylish Barcelona White Bed by Coco Male (see above) screams hotel chic.

With sleek lines and a high gloss white finish, this super cool bedstead offers a minimalist way to create a striking style statement in the bedroom.

Generous in size, the bedstead comes complete with sprung slats, which ensure your mattress is kept in place securely and gives you a great nights sleep, while the headboard features an understated grid design which adds subtle texture and pattern.

And if white’s not your colour, you’ll be thrilled to hear the Barcelona is also available in walnut, and the range includes a matching bedside table, mirror, wardrobe and console/dressing table so you can create a cohesive look throughout your scheme.

Top tip is to keep your decorating clean and simple to complement the sleekness of this bed and add in pops of colour by using attractive cushions on the bed and statement artwork on the walls.

Best for…classic style

Cane bedsteads have been popular for centuries but can be a little fussy in their design.

This Classic Weathered Cane Bed by Primrose & Plum is far from fancy and is ideal if you want to add a classic look to your bedroom but like to keep things simple.

Classic Weathered Cane Bed

Perfect for a modern country bedroom, the bed is made from solid ash and features a simple yet elegant handwoven cane head- and foot-board, which have been gently weathered to give a sophisticated, shabby chic look. Available as a king size, this large bed is perfect for creating an elegant style statement and will add a stylish focal point to any bedroom.

A great styling tip with this bed is to use delicately patterned wallpaper in subtle colours such as a faded floral or simple stripe design, with elegant white bed linen and textured cushions and throws.

Best for…French chic

If you love French-style furniture and regularly channel Marie Antoinette when decorating your home, then this Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed by The French Bedroom Company is just the thing for you.

Perfect for adding a vintage touch to the bedroom, this elegant bedstead is finished in a simple ivory paint and features intricate carved wood detailing on the head- and foot-board. The real piece de resistance however, is the decadent headboard.

Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed

Gently curved, the high headboard has been covered in sumptuous neutral velvet which has been gently buttoned and adds the final grand touch to this glamorous bed. And if you love the classic French look, you’ll be pleased to hear this bed is also available with a matching choice of bedside tables, dressing table, chairs and storage options.

To make the most of this luxurious bedstead team it with a sophisticated pastel colour palette such as dusky pinks and elegant greys, keep bedlinen simple by choosing a subtly textured white design, and choose a mohair or silk throw to add an additional touch of glamour.

Guide to creating the perfect kid's room

by Alexandra Thomas on March 23, 2015
Wall Sticker Penguin Family by JasmineWay

With our handy guide, decorating your kid's room is as easy as ABC.

Decorating your little one’s room needn’t be a chore. In fact, with our handy guide of what and what not to do, it’s as easy as ABC.


Making sure walls are bright and interesting should discourage little people from grabbing the nearest marker and decorating the walls themselves! There’s a huge range of child-friendly wallpapers available to instantly brighten a scheme, or you could opt for wall stickers, which are much easier to install than wallpaper, and are easy to change and replace.

When it comes to paint, look for those which are washable and scrubbable so you can keep your paintwork looking as good as new even after attacks from sticky little fingers.


A child’s room needs plenty of storage for clothes, books and toys. Choose furniture which will grow with your little one, for example a wardrobe with moveable clothes rails that can be adjusted as your child grows.

Amelie Childrens Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawers by Oak & Ash Furniture

The bed is all-important so opt for sturdy designs which can withstand rough and tumble; a truckle bed is a good option if your child often has friends over to stay, while a design that incorporates a desk or seating area is a good choice for older children.

If you don’t have room for a traditional desk, look for those that can be folded away or are wall-hung to save on space and make the room work harder.

When it comes to storage, look for boxes which can be stacked so they don’t take up valuable floor space. Clear boxes are a great idea as they allow you to see the contents at a glance but, if seeing your clutter puts you off, try wooden boxes which have chalkboard labels allowing you to scribble their contents on the side.


Flooring for a child’s room is a bit of a Catch 22; on one hand you want it to be comfortable in case of any falling little knees but it also needs to be easy to clean. Rubber flooring is a good option as it’s soft enough to feel comfortable yet extremely easy to clean.

If you choose to have carpet, go for dark, bright colours or patterned options which can hide a multitude of sins, avoiding anything with a deep pile which can make cleaning tricky. Natural flooring such as sisal and coir may be a bit too rough underfoot for a child’s bedroom and doesn’t lend itself to be played on. If you opt for wooden or laminate flooring, remember to add a brightly coloured, patterned rug for increased comfort.


Choosing accessories for your child’s room can be extremely enjoyable, especially if you get them involved too. If they’re old enough, work with them to create moodboards of how they would like their room to look and choose accessories together.

Decorative animal head - Mister Elephant by BODIE and FOU

Prints and framed posters offer a good way to brighten up a wall while patterned and colourful cushions and throws are great for adding interest to plain bed linen.

When it comes to window treatments, black out blinds are a must particularly during the lighter months while window film can be a good option for maintaining privacy while still allowing in light.


Lighting is important in a little one's room and you should consider various types of light sources. Create a statement with your central light fitting by choosing a decorative pendant shade (there is a plethora of child-friendly designs available) and complement with a bedside table lamp.

Look for designs which offer a soft glow and can be left on during the night to comfort very young children. For older children, a desk lamp is an essential piece of kit; look out for ones which can be adjusted easily so your child can position the light just where they need it.

Editors Choice: Our favourite console tables

by Alexandra Thomas on March 14, 2015
Embossed Silver Metal Console Table by Out There Interiors

Check out our top three favourite console tables.

Console tables are an essential piece of hallway kit. Whether your space is big or small, narrow or wide, a console table not only adds interest to your hallway, but is practical too. From somewhere to keep your post and keys safe to stashing away items you’d rather have out of sight, no hallway should be without one.

We’ve picked our favourite three and put them under the spotlight to help you decide what’s best for your space.

Our top console table for... adding glamour

When it comes to interiors, glamour is back with a vengeance and, while we’re not suggesting you go all Liberace in the home, a touch of glamour here and there will instantly lift your space.

The Embossed Silver Metal Console Table by Out There Interiors (see above) is the epitome of glamour and will create a real statement in any hallway.

Finished in embossed silver metal, this beautiful table has gently curved legs and elegant clear glass handles on the drawers.

But it’s not just stylish, it’s practical too - with a wide tabletop, there’s plenty of room to display all your hallway essentials such as a phone and table lamp. Then there’s the three handy, spacious drawers, which are perfect for keeping everything from phone books and keys to gloves, hats and scarves neatly stored.

Our top tip for using this console table in your hallway is to keep the rest of your decoration simple yet elegant, so combine with subtle patterned wallpaper, sophisticated neutral paint colours and unfussy flooring to let it really stand out and be the focal point of the room.

Our top console table for… adding industrial chic

Inspired by loft living and disused factories, the industrial trend continues to be a strong one when it comes to decorating the home, and this Loft Console Table by Alexander & Pearl is a perfect example which would look great in a retro or contemporary hallway.

Loft Console Table by Alexander & Pearl

Crafted with a conscience, this table is made from reclaimed timber, and its simple design is completed by gently curved, metal legs.

Featuring two sturdy shelves, the top one is generous in size meaning there’s ample room to keep even the messiest of hallways neat and tidy. The top shelf provides space for post, address books and other hallway paraphernalia while the bottom shelf could even be used for storing the odd pair of shoes.

While this console table has no drawers to keep your bits and bobs hidden away, there’s plenty of room under the bottom shelf place to some sturdy, metal storage boxes which will give you even more space to store your clutter.

Our top tip for this table is to choose your accessories carefully and opt for a factory-style table light and retro phone to keep the industrial look going.

Our top console table for… a minimalist look

If you like things sleek, simple and ultra modern, the Modern Glass Top Console Table by Coco Male is the perfect choice for your home.

Simple, understated, and very elegant, the brushed steel frame is accompanied by a super sleek glass black top, and is ideal for small spaces as it doesn’t take up too much room.

While there are no drawers to speak of, the tabletop has plenty of space for all your hallway needs, but we suggest keeping clutter to a minimum.

Modern Glass Top Console Table by Coco Male

If you do want extra storage in the hallway, a simple, modern coat stand or rack would complement this table perfectly and make sure your space remains clutter free.

Our top design tip for this table is to keep things plain and simple by keeping your paint or wallpaper choices neutral and adding a splash of colour with a modern, sculptural vase.

Get the Look: Hotel Chic

by Alexandra Thomas on March 03, 2015
Hotel chic

Find out how with our guide to getting the hotel look at home.

Most of us come away from fantastic hotels wishing we could replicate the look at home - well now you can with our guide to getting the hotel bedroom look at home.

While you might not have a maid or 24-hour room service, that doesn’t mean your home can’t look as amazing as any of the best hotels around. With some careful planning and beautifully chosen pieces, your bedroom will soon be given the 5 star treatment.

Beds and bed linen

Typically the stand out feature of hotel bedrooms! When it comes to choosing your bed, it is always worth buying the best you can afford and, with its elegant good looks, the Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed (see above) is a perfect choice.

If you opt for a divan, choosing a headboard will add interest and turn your bed into a stylish focal point.

When it comes to dressing the bed, crisp white linen is a great starting point. Choose designs with high cotton thread count and add interest by accessorising with cushions and throws in varying colours and textures.

Ruched Cotton Percale Bed Linen


Most hotels choose simple yet elegant furniture so copy this look by choosing pieces with clean lines. In addition to the all-important bed, bedside tables, a dressing table and, if room allows, a comfy armchair or chaise longue are essential kit.

Look for bedside tables which have drawers or shelves to keep the top clutter free, and leave plenty of room for a lamp and reading material.

Storage is key to keeping the look luxurious and uncluttered. Fitted wardrobes can be a good option as they take up little room, provide a more streamlined look and are great for hiding a multitude of clutter while a chest of drawers or tallboy provides ample space for stashing away jumpers, tops and lingerie.

Barcelona Walnut Bedside Table


You’ve probably noticed that hotel bedrooms tend not to use central or overhead lighting fittings. If they do, they are usually discreet, recessed spotlights which are connected to a dimmer so you can create and control the mood.

Choosing a combination of well-placed lights is key to getting this look right. Bedside table lights are a must; it's best to choose ones that can be adjusted for bedtime reading.

If you don’t have space for a bedside table, choosing a wall-mounted light is a good option. Wall lights are often used in hotel bedrooms and can work just as well at home. Look for uplighters in materials such glass and porcelain which gently diffuse the light and create a warming atmosphere.


Mirrors offer a great way to brighten up a plain wall. Hotels often choose large, decorative ones to create a focal point in the room and this is an easy look to replicate at home. Choosing a classic freestanding design is also a good idea and can instantly update a dull corner.

Choosing artwork is where you can really show off your personality. Most hotels tend to stick to generic landscapes so put your spin on this by choosing something you really love and want to see everyday. Large-scale canvasses look great and can be used to create a dramatic style statement. Look for ready-made prints or have one made using a favourite photo to give your room a personal touch. A sculptural vase filled with fresh blooms is a perfect finishing touch to give your space a sophisticated hotel-style look.

Guide to lighting your home

by Alexandra Thomas on February 24, 2015
Guide to Lighting

We show you how to get your lighting scheme spot on and ensure you’re never left in the dark.

When creating a successful interior scheme, one of the key ingredients is getting your lighting right. Whether you have huge amounts of natural light in your home or not, creating an inviting, liveable, interesting and stylish scheme depends a lot, if not entirely, on getting your lighting right.

Here we show you how you can use different lighting sources to create perfect schemes throughout the home.

The Living Room

Your living room offers the perfect opportunity to use a multitude of light sources and, indeed, you should try to do so, as each of them can be used to create different atmospheres.

A central light is a good starting point and, if room allows, choose one that creates real impact and acts as a focal point for the room. Having this connected to a dimmer switch is ideal as it allows you to control the amount to suit your mood.

Table lamps are a must in a living room, and can instantly brighten up dimly lit corners, which is especially useful in the darker months. If you like reading in your living room, a curved floor lamp, such as this Large Chrome Arch Floor Lamp by Out There Interiors is a great option. Position it next to a comfy armchair and you have the perfect reading spot in which to relax.

Large Chrome Arch Floor Lamp

The Dining Room

When it comes to lighting, having a central light carefully positioned over your dining table is a must. Choosing one that can be raised and lowered is a good option, so you can create a more intimate atmosphere when needed.

If you would prefer not to have one single light, a row of pendants such as these Beso One Light Pendant in Bronze by Fields of Blue work equally well and displaying them at varying heights will add interest and create a focal point.

As with the living room, a dimmer switch is a great idea for any dining space, allowing you to alter your lighting to suit the occasion.

The Bedroom

Lighting in a bedroom needs to cater for many different situations from reading in bed to applying makeup.

A central light is a good call for general everyday use and allows you to create a focal point in the room. If you don’t have room for bedside tables, then wall-mounted lights such as these Leitmotiv Buck Grey Wall Lights by Viva Lagoon are a good alternative for reading in bed.

Adding a task lamp to your dressing table, much as you would in a home office, is a good idea. Choose one that allows you to direct the light to exactly where you need to for maximum effect.

Leitmotiv Buck Grey Wall Lights

The Kitchen

Here again, a central light is a good starting place in the kitchen. If you have a dining table within your kitchen, placing a ceiling light above this is essential to ensure you have enough light for comfortable dining.

Under cupboard lights are a good idea. One a practical level, they provide pools of light while you’re preparing food but can also be used to create a more intimate atmosphere for in-kitchen dining.

The Hallway

Hallways can often be narrow and dark, which means having the right light sources is essential.

A combination of a central pendant together with wall lights will ensure your hallway is lit correctly and create a welcoming glow.

If you have room for a console table, make sure you add a table lamp which, when placed near a window or the door, will create a warming atmosphere.

And while not strictly speaking in the hallway, an outside light installed near the door is both inviting and safety conscious.

The Bathroom

Lights used inside bathrooms need to follow a strict IP rating code. As a rule of thumb, the lower IP rating a light has, the nearer it can be used to a water source, e.g. lights with a IP rating of 1 can be used nearer a bath than those with an IP rating of 2.

Central lights work best when encased which prevents them being damaged by steam and condensation, while an illuminated mirror is an useful bit of kit allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

However, it’s choosing your bulbs correctly which is really important in the bathroom - as many don’t have windows you want to replicate natural daylight as far as possible so it may be worth taking time to experiment with bulbs until you find the ones which suit you.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

by Alexandra Thomas on February 07, 2015
Rodnik Shark Fin Chair

Add some fun to your home with the Rodnik Shark Fin Chair, £449.

The trouble with being obsessed with interiors is sometimes you can take yourself too seriously.

You get so bogged down in the minutiae of everything from choosing the exact shade of paint to spending an age looking for the perfect light, that you forget your home is meant to be somewhere you feel comfortable spending time as well as it looking good.

Case in point is a great video recently released by a team calling themselves Barrow & Fall – a parody on the well-known paint and wallpaper experts. Viewing it reminded me that sometimes we forget that interiors can, and indeed often should, be fun.

Which brought to mind the Rodnik Shark Fin Chair by, which has long been a favourite of ours here at Furnish.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair side view

Designed by Philip Colbert’s Rodnik Band label, the Shark Fin Chair is a great statement piece, and is perfect for adding some humour and irreverence to your home interior.

It offers a definite nod to mid-century modern design thanks to its gently splayed, angular legs which are crafted from solid beech finished in classic black, and the “fin” armrests which are reminiscent of a classic 1950s armchair.

However, it’s the upholstery, which makes this chair really special and gives it a pop art vibe worthy of sitting alongside any Warhol or Liechtenstein print.

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair up close

Featuring a vibrant shark print, the fabric has been carefully positioned to make you feel as if you’re sitting in the mouth of Jaws, which cleverly juxtaposes with the comfortable and supportive seat and backrest.

Perfect for a teenager’s den or a little one’s playroom, this chair is also ideal for big kids and will look fantastic in a neutral room, teamed with brightly coloured accessories.

Shop the look...

Rodnik Shark Fin Chair by
£595 £449

Trend Watch: Super Stripes

by Alexandra Thomas on February 01, 2015
Our favourite striped home accessories

Give your home a smart look with our favourite striped buys.

Stripes are always in vogue when it comes to fashion and are a perennial favourite for interiors too.

Whether you opt for wide, dramatic monochrome or sweet candy colours, stripes work well in every room in the home from the bathroom to hallway, and suit every style from classic to contemporary.

If you have the space, this beautiful Ergo Retro Striped Button-Back Cream Chair by Alexander & Pearl is the perfect choice for a bedroom, while this Carved Wood Table Lamp with Striped Shade by Out There Interiors with its stylish woven shade will be a welcome addition to any living room.

This smart Black Stripe Chopping Board by Naken Interiors is essential kit for stylish cooks, while this Stripe Moroccan Silk Throw by Rocomara is great for keeping warm on chilly early spring evenings.

Copper Angled Floor Lamp

by Alexandra Thomas on January 27, 2015
floor lamp
Copper Angled Floor Lamp

Keep dark nights at bay with this Copper Angled Floor Lamp, £180.

We might be heading towards spring, but the days are still short, which means it’s essential you have all your lighting needs sorted.

We have a fantastic range of lights and lamps here at Furnish from classic table lamps to contemporary floor lamps, alongside funky chandeliers and pendants.

One of my favourites is this Copper Angled Floor Lamp by The French Bedroom Company. Simple, yet elegant in its design, it will bend and move to suit your needs.

Perfect for the living or bedroom, there’s also a gold version available, so all styles and colours of room are catered for.

South Downs Wallpaper

by Alexandra Thomas on January 25, 2015
South Downs Wallpaper (here in Heron Grey)

Refresh your walls with this stylish South Downs Wallpaper, £55.

While I rarely stray from my staple white emulsion, I’ve decided my bedroom needs a makeover and, this time, I’m turning to wallpaper.

After an age working my way through the fab wallpapers here at Furnish, I’ve chosen this South Downs Wallpaper in Heron Grey by BODIE and FOU not least because, on a clear day, I can see the South Downs from my bedroom window.

This graphic print has been created in a soft grey, which is perfect for my grey, white and yellow bedroom, and means I won’t have to faff around changing bed linen and other soft furnishings.

Perfect for living and dining rooms too, this wallpaper is a good choice for wherever you want to create a statement without being overly bold.

(Also available in a gorgeous Sea Grey shade.)

Trend Watch: Industrial

by Alexandra Thomas on January 25, 2015
Our favourite industrial-style items

Bring some factory chic to your home with our pick of the best industrial-style products around.

When it comes to interiors, the industrial trend shows no sign of abating.

I, for one, love it! There’s something about bringing bashed-up, factory-style pieces into the home that just works. It shouldn’t but it most definitely does.

From lighting to furniture, accessories to wallpaper, it’s easy to inject this look into your home.

If you work from home, this Brooklyn Finest Industrial Desk With Drawers by Alexander and Pearl is a real statement piece perfect for a home office and, with 3 drawers, it’s practical too.

Lighting is a huge part of this trend, and whether it’s original or reproduction you’re after, there’s an amazing choice available. We like this Small Industrial Pendant in Lacquered Steel by Viva Lagoon. Taking inspiration from mid-century factory lighting, it would look fantastic in the kitchen or dining room.

Finally, what to do with your walls? The answer is splash out on Piet Boon’s Concrete Wallpaper (CON-06 shown here) by BODIE and FOU. It doesn’t come cheap but looks great and is perfect for completing the factory-cum-warehouse look.

G Plan Vintage The Fifty Three Large Sofa

by Alexandra Thomas on January 22, 2015
G Plan Vintage The Fifty Three Large Sofa

Add some retro charm with this G Plan Vintage The Fifty Three Large Sofa, from £1,400.

Regular readers will know that I’m utterly obsessed with vintage G Plan furniture, and that moving into a 1970s townhouse a couple of years ago was the perfect excuse to buy as much as I could.

In my opinion, G Plan somewhat lost its way in the design stakes over the past couple of decades, but the good news is archive designs are starting to make a comeback.

A replica of a 1950s sofa, this G Plan Vintage The Fifty Three Large Sofa by John Lewis is such a convincing reproduction, it wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage shop.

Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics I love this Festival Amber shade, which further enhances its retro vibe.

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Rusted Metal Letters

by Alexandra Thomas on January 21, 2015
wall art
Rusted Metal Letters

Spell it out in style with these Rusted Metal Letters.

Typography has been big news in interiors for quite some time now, and we have a great range of letter-inspired homewares available from art work to wall stickers.

My current favourites are these Rusted Metal Letters by Cachette.

Available in every letter of the alphabet, they are perfect for each room in the home from the hallway to the bathroom. Freestanding or wall hung, these vintage-style letters can be used as family initials, or to spell out words, names or whatever you like.

And best of all, they’ll instantly give your scheme a bold, fresh look.

Editors Choice: Console Tables

by Alexandra Thomas on January 17, 2015
console table
Some of our favourite console tables

Keep your hallway tidy with our pick of the best console tables around.

A console table is an essential piece of hallway kit. A place to stash keys, post and other hallway paraphernalia, and here at Furnish we have all shapes and sizes to suit every space and style of home.

Working just as well in the bedroom as in the hallway, this Mirrored Tray Console Table by The French Bedroom Company is both stylish and practical. While those who need to be savvy with space will love this Small Black And Silver Console Table by Out There Interiors which is just 90cm wide and 40cm deep.

Meanwhile, if you prefer an oriental style, we have this Classic Chinese Console Table in Oyster Grey by The Nine Schools or the Asian Contemporary Small Console by Shimu to choose from, both of which should fit the bill perfectly.

Astronaut Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

by Alexandra Thomas on January 17, 2015
bed linen
Snurk Astronaut Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

Make a kiddie’s room complete with this Astronaut Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, £49.

So much of the stuff you see for kids’ rooms is Disney focused – nothing wrong with that – it’s just that there are plenty of options if you’re looking for stylish alternatives for your little one’s sleeping den.

We have a great range of kids’ stuff here at Furnish from artwork to bed linen and furniture to wall stickers, all without a Disney prince or princess in sight.

One of my favourite finds is this Astronaut Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set by Snurk at John Lewis.

Perfect for future space explorers, kids will love this humorous set while stylish parents can rest assured they’re not compromising on style.

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Pirate Bedding by Rose & Grey
Pirate Bedding by Rose & Grey
Ballet Bedding by Rose & Grey
Ballet Bedding by Rose & Grey

Print Typewriter

by Alexandra Thomas on January 13, 2015
Print Typewriter

Go romantic with your artwork with this Print Typewriter.

While Valentine’s Day is still quite a while away, it’s never too soon to start planning. I don’t like schmaltzy presents so I’m already on the look out for what to buy the other half.

Given he was a writer for a long time, I’m smitten with this Print Typewriter by Cachette.

Simple, yet ever so elegant, it features an old fashioned typewriter, with the typed message “Hello dear, just needed to tell you I love you”.

A perfect gift for someone who isn’t into all the hearts and flowers stuff, this would also be a great present for a close friend or relative.

Madaillon Rug

by Alexandra Thomas on January 12, 2015
Madaillon Rug in Grey Turquoise

Add warmth and pattern to your floors with this Madaillon Rug, from £90.

Rugs are one of my favourite accessories when it comes to the home. Perfect for everything from covering up one too many red wine stains to keeping your floors warm and cosy – they’re also great for adding pattern and texture.

This Madallion Rug (in Grey Turquoise) by Naken Interiors has just made it to the top of my wish list and is absolutely perfect for my living room.

Inspired by traditional Persian designs, it has been given a contemporary twist thanks to its colour palette.

Great for the bedroom and living room, use this rug as the basis for your colour scheme and accesorise with turquoise and grey vases, cushions or throws to bring your look together.

Bloomingville Porcelain Copper Vase

by Alexandra Thomas on January 10, 2015
vases and bowl
Bloomingville Porcelain Copper Vase

Display early spring blooms beautifully with this Bloomingville Porcelain Copper Vase, £45.

Regular readers will know that I’m utterly obsessed with having fresh flowers in the home. It’s one of my indulgences that I treat myself to a fresh bunch every week.

To make it affordable, I always opt for flowers which are in season, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the early spring blooms.

To celebrate a new season being on the horizon, I’ve decided to treat myself to a new vase and have fallen for this Bloomingville Porcelain Copper Vase by Viva Lagoon.

Beautifully sculptural and tapping into the copper trend, this simple yet striking vase will look equally as good empty.

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Lulu Footstool

by Alexandra Thomas on January 06, 2015
Lulu Footstool and Lulu Scoop Chair in Honeycomb Weave

Have a well-deserved rest with this Lulu Footstool, £179.

Despite not being sure about buying a footstool when I moved into my new home over two years ago, now I wouldn’t be without it.

My fears of not having enough room for it or it making the living room feel too crowded were absolutely unfounded – instead of a hindrance, it’s been a godsend whether for putting my feet up after a hard day to providing extra seating when the house is bursting with guests.

We have all types of of ottomans and footstools here at Furnish, whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary, funky or plain, but my pick is this Lulu Footstool by

Mid-century modern in style and available in a range of fabrics, this simple footstool will fit into almost any scheme.

Alameda Chest of Drawers

by Alexandra Thomas on January 03, 2015
chests of drawer
Alameda Chest of Drawers

Add some subtle bling to your bedroom with this Alameda Chest of Drawers, £845.

While I prefer my interiors plain and simple, I cannot resist the odd bit of bling and, when I’m looking for a touch of sophisticated glamour, I can always rely on The French Bedroom Company.

They certainly don’t disappoint with this stunning Alameda Chest of Drawers.

Made from beveled glass with antique gold decorative trim, this beautiful chest takes a fresh look at mirrored furniture and is just the right side of decadence without being too over the top.

Designed for the bedroom, this chest would look just as good in the living or dining room. Wherever you use it, keeping your bits and pieces neatly stored has never felt so glamorous.