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Alpaca Throw

by Alexandra Thomas on November 17, 2013  |  0 comments
Alpaca Throw, £99.95, from Daisy West

Snuggle up with one of these super soft Alpaca Throws from Daisy West, £99.95.

This time of year is without a doubt one of my favourites. From crisp, bright mornings to snuggling up on the sofa in the evening, I love the days getting a bit shorter and having a good excuse to whack up the heating.

A cosy throw is essential at this time of year, and one of my favourites is this selection of Alpaca Throws from Daisy West. Available in shades of brown and ivory, these simple yet ever-so stylish throws are made from a combination of Alpaca and sheep wool, which are guaranteed to keep you cosy as the temperatures drop.

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Swallows Wall Sticker Set

by Alexandra Thomas on November 16, 2013  |  1 comment
wall sticker
Swallows Wall Sticker Set, £26, from Red Candy

Introduce a touch of nature to your walls with this Swallows Wall Sticker Set from Red Candy, £26.

Wall stickers are a great way of pepping up a plain wall or tired space without having to get your paint brushes or wallpapering table out.

We have some fab designs to choose from whether you're looking for cute characters for your little ones’ bedrooms or stylish silhouettes for more grown up spaces.

One of our favourites is this Swallows Wall Sticker Set from Red Candy which depicts a soaring flock of these elegant birds.

As shown here, they make a great alternative to a headboard or you could try using them to liven up a plain living room wall.

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Dante Extendable Walnut Dining Table

by Alexandra Thomas on November 15, 2013  |  0 comments
dining table
Dante Extendable Walnut Dining Table, £493.43, from Neofurn

Create a sleek dining room with this Dante Extendable Walnut Dining Table from Neofurn, £493.43.

Finding the perfect dining table can be tricky. First you need to consider your space, then how big it needs to be and, finally, what style you want.

Thankfully, we have a huge range here on Furnish, from glass to stone, traditional to modern, so there’s something to suit every style and budget.

One of my favourites is this Dante Extendable Walnut Dining Table from Neofurn which combines veneered walnut with sleek chromed steel.

The table can extend from 170cm to 270cm making it work in all sizes of room. Meanwhile, its understated looks would suit both classic and contemporary schemes and would look fantastic teamed with an eclectic mix of dining chairs.

Also available in white.

Dip Bowls

by Alexandra Thomas on November 14, 2013  |  0 comments
serving dish
Dip Bowls, £24, from Art Star

Get ready for the party season with these Dip Bowls from Art Star, £24.

While I’m not ready to say the big C word just yet, before we know it the carols will be playing and party season will be upon us, so it’s good to be prepared.

If you’re a seasoned entertainer, you’ll know you can never have too many small serving dishes but why settle for boring old ramekins when you can have these sweet little Dip Bowls from Art Star.

Available as a set of 12, they have integrated handles making them perfect for everything from dips and sauces to nuts and olives.

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Pocket Watch Wall Clock

by Alexandra Thomas on November 13, 2013  |  0 comments
wall clock
Pocket Watch Wall Clock, £95, from The Orchard

Spruce up a plain wall with this gorgeous Pocket Watch Wall Clock from The Orchard, £95.

Sometimes it can be hard to jazz up a plain wall without committing to a paint colour or wallpaper, but if you’re looking for an instant update, a stylish wall clock can offer the ideal solution.

We’re rather smitten with this Pocket Watch Wall Clock which is an over-sized version of a classic pocket watch.

Made from polished nickel, this clock works for both classic and contemporary schemes and will look especially dramatic in a hallway.

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Obedient Poodle White Side Table

by Alexandra Thomas on November 12, 2013  |  0 comments
side table
Obedient Poodle White Side Table, £195, from The French Bedroom Company

Introduce some canine chic with this Obedient Poodle White Side Table from The French Bedroom Company, £195.

When it comes to quirky products that aren’t too silly or over the top, The French Bedroom Company has got it nailed.

From bowler-hat lighting to pin-up girl inspired cushions, there’s all sorts of unusual furniture and home accessories to add an interesting touch.

We love this Obedient Poodle side table. Perfect if you're looking for something a little different, this elegantly designed acrylic poodle features a handy tray top.

Ideal as a living room side table or for use in the bedroom, this would also be a welcoming and cheering sight in the hallway when you arrive home from a hard day's work.

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Porcelain Light Bulb Candlestick Holders

by Alexandra Thomas on November 11, 2013  |  0 comments
candle holder
Porcelain Light Bulb Candlestick Holders, £24 each, from Magpie Miller

Create a quirky centrepiece with these Porcelain Light Bulb Candlestick Holders from Magpie Miller, £24 each.

If you’re looking to add to your candle holder collection, we have a fantastic selection here at Furnish from simple tea light holders to elaborate candelabras.

My new favourites are these Porcelain Light Bulb Candlestick Holders from Magpie Miller which are perfect for adding a quirky yet sophisticated touch to any dining table.

Designed to look like light bulbs, try grouping several together in a random fashion to create a simple yet stunning centrepiece, or line them up on a sideboard to create a welcoming glow.

Shop the Trend: Monochrome

by Alexandra Thomas on November 10, 2013  |  0 comments
Some black and white favourites.

Add a touch of pure elegance to your home by borrowing from the current monochrome trend.

The ultimate classic fashion pairing, monochrome hit the catwalk in a big way in AW13.

The beauty about black and white is that it suits everyone, and this super combination is also a winning formula in the home, suiting both classic and contemporary schemes. And here at Furnish we have some gorgeous monochrome pieces which are perfect for injecting some chic style into your home.

To create maximum impact on your floor, look no further than this super stylish Cowhide Rug from London Cows which will add both pattern and comfort, while this Black And White Chequered Chest from Out There Interiors will create a real style statement in any room.

And if you’re looking for a quick and easy update then this retro-inspired Flower Cushion from Art Star will look great on a neutral sofa or chair.

Christopher Kane monochrome at AW13 via

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Greenwich Club Chair

by Alexandra Thomas on November 09, 2013  |  0 comments
Greenwich Club Chair, £458, from Lover's Lounge

Enjoy classic good looks in your living room with the Greenwich Club Chair from Lover’s Lounge, £458.

Ever since I moved into my new home a year ago, I’ve wanted to get a smart new armchair. We have one statement chair but, with recent friend and family gatherings, it’s become clear we need another.

Here at Furnish we have some lovely chairs to choose from, but I’ve managed to create a shortlist and my fave is this Greenwich Club Chair from Lover’s Lounge.

Firstly I love the smart grey upholstery which has been finished with classic white piping. But what I love even more is its shape which will fit in beautifully with my other living room furniture.

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Mimi Four Arm Chandelier

by Alexandra Thomas on November 08, 2013  |  0 comments
Mimi Four Arm Chandelier, £99, from The French Bedroom Company

Introduce some old-style glamour with this Mimi Four Arm Chandelier from The French Bedroom Company, £99.

It’s a common mistake to think you need a massive space and high ceilings to be able to have a chandelier, but this is not the case at all.

This super cute, but very stylish, Mimi Four Arm Chandelier from The French Bedroom Company is the perfect option if you’re short on space.

Elegantly crafted and adorned with tiny, white crystal droplets, this sweet but stunning light fitting is sure to add a touch of understated glamour wherever you choose to use it in the home.

Try using it in a bedroom for some baroque-style boudoir chic, in the living room to add a feminine touch or in a hallway to add a welcoming glow.

Puzzle Photo Frame

by Alexandra Thomas on November 07, 2013  |  0 comments
photo frame
Puzzle Photo Frame, £17.50, from Dutch by Design

Add some colour to your photo display with the Puzzle Photo Frame from Dutch by Design, £17.50.

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to display my ever-growing collection of photos to save them being crushed in the "photo box" which currently resides in the junk cupboard.

Special ones have special frames but there are some fun pics that I just don’t know what to do with. That was until now…

Because on my recent virtual shop for some quirky photo frames, I came across this clever Puzzle Photo Frame from Dutch by Design.

With space for 15 pictures in movable squares, it is both fun and funky at the same time.

MK1 Transforming Coffee Table

by Alexandra Thomas on November 06, 2013  |  0 comments
coffee table
MK1 Transforming Coffee Table, £900, from Duffy London

Make the most of your space with this MK1 Transforming Coffee Table from Duffy London, £900.

According to those in the know, we’re all living in smaller homes, which means space is at a premium.

We love clever, space-saving furniture here at Furnish and one of our favourite pieces comes courtesy of those innovative bods at Duffy London.

The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table is made from powder-coated steel, and miraculously converts effortlessly from a stylish coffee table into an equally attractive, fully-functioning dining table.

Also available in a choice of wood finishes, this smart table is perfect for those who don’t have enough room for a dining table but equally don’t fancy eating off their knees in front of the telly.

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Reindeer skin rug

by Alexandra Thomas on November 05, 2013  |  0 comments
Reindeer skin rug, £250, from Bodie and Fou

Cosy up your floors for winter with this Reindeer Skin Rug from Bodie and Fou, £250.

With the temperatures set to drop, what could be nicer than having a cosy rug to rest your feet on? And while rugs work fine on carpet, they can make a huge difference to wooden and tiled floors.

We have loads of gorgeous rugs here on Furnish but we love this Reindeer Skin Rug from Bodie and Fou which is great for warming up wooden floors for the winter months.

Ethically sourced from a Scandinavian nomadic tribe, these beautifully soft rugs also look fantastic draped over a chair or sofa.

Blomus Nido Bird Feeder House

by Alexandra Thomas on November 04, 2013  |  0 comments
Blomus Nido Bird Feeder House, £55.80, from Red Candy

Look after your feathered friends this winter with the Blomus Nido Bird Feeder House from Red Candy, currently £55.80.

I’m no expert when it comes to our little feathered friends, but they certainly seem to like my small courtyard garden. Maybe it’s thanks to the high fences which protect them from the neighbourhood’s felines, or the fact that I indulge them in a fat ball or two, but they love to flock to this tiny oasis.

Now that winter is rapidly descending on us, it’s time to make sure they’re properly looked after and what better way than by installing this super stylish Blomus Nido Bird Feeder House from Red Candy.

Simple, yet oh so chic, this birdhouse provides enough room for birds to feed and shelter from the wind and rain, and can be hung from a tree or placed on a handy stake in the ground.

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Editors Choice: Console Tables

by Alexandra Thomas on November 03, 2013  |  1 comment
console table
Some of our favourite console tables

Keep your hallway spick and span with this stylish selection of console tables.

Console tables are essential when it comes to keeping your hallway neat, tidy and thoroughly organised, whatever your style and space.

We have a truly great selection of console tables here on Furnish, whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary, simple or quirky, there’s something for everyone.

Lovers of sleek furniture will adore the walnut and red Fonteyn Console Desk from which is elegantly balanced, with slender, tapered legs and gracefully curved edges.

The colourful stripes of the Louis Striped Console Table from The French Bedroom Company turn what is already a beautiful console table into a real standout piece.

Meanwhile, if something with a bit of history is more your thing, then this Black Lacquer Console from Shimu dates from circa 1860 and would look amazing in a large hallway.

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Chunky Solid Walnut Nest of Tables

by Alexandra Thomas on November 02, 2013  |  0 comments
side table
Chunky Solid Walnut Nest of Tables, £239, from Coco Male

Find a home for everything with these Chunky Solid Walnut Nest of Tables from Coco Male, £239.

It’s fair to say I’m a little bit obsessed with occasional tables. They’re in my bedroom, in my living room and I even have one in my bathroom. So I’m always on the lookout for new ones and these Chunky Solid Walnut Nest of Tables from Coco Male have caught my eye.

Made from solid walnut, the set comes with three differently sized tables, which conveniently store within each other.

Perfect as a side table in the living room or as a bedside table in your bedroom, their gorgeous curved lines will suit any scheme.

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Sunflower Wall Mirror

by Alexandra Thomas on November 01, 2013  |  0 comments
Sunflower Wall Mirror, £99, The Orchard

Enjoy some dramatic style with this Sunflower Wall Mirror from The Orchard, £99.

I have a slight obsession with mirrors, particularly vintage ones and my next purchase is going to be a 60s-esque full length one for my hallway.

Great for creating an increased feeling of space and light (particularly useful as the days start getting shorter), mirrors also offer the perfect way to add interest to a plain wall or dingy corner.

We have all sorts of mirrors here on Furnish, but one that’s really caught my eye is this stunning Sunflower Wall Mirror from The Orchard.

Inspired by the head of a sunflower, it has been intricately crafted and finished in dramatic gold for a luxurious effect.

Perfect for creating a focal point in a living room or bedroom.

Seaside Print

by Alexandra Thomas on October 31, 2013  |  0 comments
Seaside Print, £12.50, from Folly

Add some subtle seaside style with this Seaside Print from Folly, £12.50.

Having lived in Cornwall for three years, I crave the beach on a daily basis, and constantly curse myself for not having visited the beach every day while I was there. And, although I’m not overly keen on the nautical trend, I do like to have a few things that remind me of living by the sea.

Which is why I’ve fallen for this super pretty Seaside Print from Folly.

Created from an original paper cut design, the print offers a whimsical interpretation of the seaside and even includes a very cute whale for good measure.

Perfect for adding colour and pattern to a plain wall, I am looking forward to this taking pride of place in my bathroom.

Set of Two Charcoal Ottomans

by Alexandra Thomas on October 30, 2013  |  0 comments
Set of Two Charcoal Ottomans, £195, from Lover's Lounge

Enjoy stylish storage with this Set of Two Charcoal Ottomans from Lover's Lounge, £195.

Ottomans offer a really useful way to store those bits and bobs not currently needed, especially bulkier items such as out of season curtains, cushions and throws.

We have loads to choose from here on Furnish but I love this Set of Two Charcoal Ottomans from Lover’s Lounge.

Covered in a grey felt, these ottomans have an on-trend studded look and feature useful carry handles.

You could try using one at the end of your bed to keep blankets and throws safe, and the other in the living room as an extra seat for guests.

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Felt Flower Magazine Holder

by Alexandra Thomas on October 29, 2013  |  0 comments
magazine rack
Felt Flower Magazine Holder, £25, from Dutch by Design

Keep your magazines in order with this Felt Flower Magazine Holder from Dutch by Design, £25.

Felt is one of my favourite fabrics, and I’m convinced it’s because I adored the Fuzzy Felts sets when I was little.

Tactile, versatile and extremely comfortable, I’m on the hunt for felt accessories to give my home a cosy feel for autumn and winter.

One buy that’s at the top of my shopping list is this Felt Flower Magazine Holder from Dutch by Design.

Designed to look like a flower head, each “petal” has been created to hold a copy of your favourite read which makes keeping your magazines in order an absolute breeze.

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